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Trace saturated vapor pressure tester
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Trace saturated vapor pressure tester

  • Trace saturated vapor pressure tester


Product Description

Applicable standards:

1. This instrument is designed and manufactured according to SH/T 0794 ASTM D5191 standard. It is suitable for the micro method to measure the vapor pressure of liquid petroleum products. A 3ml sample saturated with air is injected into a pre-evacuated test chamber with a volume of 15ml, and the temperature is controlled at 37.8±0.1°C. The pressure value is read and evaluated every one minute until the pressure stabilizes at 0.1KPa within 3 minutes.

2. The environmental conditions for using the instrument are: ambient temperature 5~35°C, humidity ≤85%, working power supply AC220V±10%, 50Hz.


Structural characteristics

1. This instrument is a desktop structure.

2. Embedded computer, full Chinese interface, touch screen control.

3. The saturated vapor pressure result of the Reid method is automatically given.

4. Efficient and fast database function, which can easily check and use the saved experimental results.

5. Only 3ml of oil sample is required for each experiment.

6. Each experiment only takes about 7 minutes.

7. The key components are selected from international famous brands to ensure the performance and reliability of the instrument.

8. The instrument can be connected to the laboratory LIMS system.


Technical Parameters

1. Measuring pressure range: 7-130KPa (resolution of 0.1KPa)

2. Temperature control accuracy: 37.8°C±0.1°C



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