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ASTM D2274 Distillate Fuel Oil Oxidation Stability Tester(metal bath) Model TP-232
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ASTM D2274 Distillate Fuel Oil Oxidation Stability Tester(metal bath) Model TP-232

  • TP-232

Product Description


TP-232 Distillate Fuel Oil Oxidation Stability Tester is designed and manufactured in accordance with SH/T 0175 and ASTM D2274. It is suitable for the determination of the inherent stability of middle distillate fuel oil under accelerated oxidation conditions. In this equipment, put the 350mL filtered sample into the oxidation tube, inlet oxygen at a rate of 50mL/min, and oxidize the sample in a metal bath at 95℃±0.2℃ for 16 hours, and then put the oxidized sample into the dark box to cool to room temperature.



The equipment adopts all stainless steel body, integration of constant temperature bath and cooling dark box and oxidation tube heating bath of metal bath structure. It can accurately control the temperature of 95℃±0.2℃. The uniformity and fluctuation of each test bath temperature field is ±0.2℃. The heating rate is Continuously adjustable. It is convenient for the operator to test.

The constant temperature bath is a metal bath. Its volume is designed through accurate calculations and experiments. There is no need to add water during the 16-hour oxidation process, which ensure that the immersion depth of the oxidation tube always strictly meets the requirements of the test method.

After 16 hours of heating and oxidation, the buzzer will alarm to remind the operator that the oxidation time is over. If the operator is not on site, the instrument will continue to oxidize for 0.25 hours in accordance with standard requirements and then stop heating to ensure safe operation.

The cooling method is internal circulating water cooling, without external tap water, which is convenient for instrument placement and saves water resources.

PID temperature control system with temperature digital display.

Have the functions of Fault self-diagnosis and liquid level protection.

The instrument has 6 test baths and is equipped with 6 flow meters, which respectively indicates the gas flow into the 6 oxidation tubes. 6 samples can be tested at the same time.


Technical parameters:

Number of samples: 6 test baths with 6 samples capable of being tested at the same time.

Temperature control method: Digital display temperature control instrument controlling temperature automatically

Temperature control range: Room temperature200℃

Temperature control accuracy: ±0.2℃

Temperature measuring element: Thermal resistance

Heating power: Temperature control heating 1200W

Auxiliary heating 800W

Constant temperature control point: 95℃±0.2℃

Oxygen flow control: 50±5ml/min

Timing range: 16h±0.2h

Dimension: 800×350×1300 (mm)

Weight: 60Kg

Testable items of instrument configuration:

It is suitable for determining the oxidation stability characteristics of distillate fuel oil

Accessories configuration (including manufacturer) (single unit):

Serial Number

Name and Specification Model




Host TP-232

1 set


Sand core filter device

1 set


Imported filter membrane

50 pcs


Umbrella-shaped plug

6 pcs


Spare cover

6 pcs


Hose clamp

2 pcs


Silicone tubeφ6×9  L=180

18 pcs


PU tubeφ8

1 pcs


Oxidizer (3 pcs)

6 sets


Digital display thermometer

1 set


Vacuum pump

1 set


Negative pressure adjusting device 

1 set


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