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UV Vis Scanning Spectrophotometer TP-X8
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UV Vis Scanning Spectrophotometer TP-X8


Product Description

Working Environment

1.1 Working power: 220V, 50~60 Hz

1.2 Ambient temperature: 15-35℃

1.3 Relative humidity: 45~85%


Technical Parameter

1 Hardware

1.1 Optical system:

11.1.1 When the instrument is turned on, it can complete the automatic self-check of the file system, deuterium lamp tungsten lamp, dark current and other contents, and an error will automatically alarm.

11.1.2 Light source: original imported deuterium lamp and tungsten lamp

11.1.3 Detector: imported silicon photodiode system

1.1.4 Metering method: double beam metering method

1.1.5 Optical base: 16mm thick cutting aluminum base without deformation, the deformation and vibration of the bottom plate will not have any effect on the optical system


1.2 Instrument performance

1.2.1 Wavelength range: 190~1100nm

1.2.2 Wavelength accuracy: ±0.1nm D2 656.1nm, ±0.3nm full area"

1.2.3 Wavelength repeatability: ≤±0.1nm

1.2.4 Stray light: 0.03%T@220nm, 360nm

1.2.5 Spectral bandwidth: 1.8 nm

1.2.6 Noise level: ±0.0004Abs (500nm, warm-up after startup)

1.2.7 Photometric range: 0-200%T, -4.0-4.0A, 0-9999C

1.2.8 Photometric repeatability 0.1%T (0100%T), 0.001Abs (00.5Abs), 0.002Abs (0.51.0Abs)

1.2.9 Display system: 10-inch high-definition smart touch screen


2 Product Features

2.1 10-inch high-definition smart touch screen, high-definition resolution (1024×600).

2.2 It can realize dual-mode control of computer and host, and can operate spectrum scanning, kinetic scanning, multi-wavelength measurement, solid measurement and other functions on a single machine; at the same time, connecting to a computer can realize all host testing functions and data map processing, etc.

2.3 The data can be exported to the U disk, and the instrument can be directly connected to the printer for A4 format data and map printing

2.4 Standard scanning software; scanning accuracy and scanning speed can be selected according to the different needs of users, the scanning interval is divided into six levels: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5nm, and the scanning speed has three levels: high-speed, medium-speed, and low-speed optional

2.5 Can be connected to a printer to print data

2.6 With test data, spectrum storage function;

2.7 USB connection computer software available


3 Accessories

3.1 One host

3.2 A box of 10mm glass colorimeter (4 pieces) A box of 10mm quartz cuvette (2 pieces)

3.3 A copy of the user manual

3.4 A set of software (dongle, CD, USB cable)

3.5 One power cord

3.6 One dust cover



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