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ASTM D86 Automatic Distillation Tester Model DIL-100Z
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ASTM D86 Automatic Distillation Tester Model DIL-100Z

  • DIL-100Z



Product Description



The DIL-100Z Automatic Distillation Tester is a compact test instrument with a built-in compressor for refrigeration, complying with GB/T 6536, GB/T 7534, ASTM D86, ASTM D850, ASTM D1078. The sample can be tested directly after turning on the equipment. In addition to the high imitation of the German Haier tide and PAC design, it also has been improved based on the domestic actual situation, the advanced design concept of which has completely reached the level of similar foreign products.


The random configuration includes the necessary parts for the test which can be completed without additional spare parts. All components are imported, such as sensors, compressors, photoelectric detection devices, industrial computers, etc., which greatly guarantees the accuracy of the data and the instrument’s stability.


Software performance:

The instrument can operate independently or connect to multiple PCs through HLIS/ALAN to control. The operator can choose quick method or built-in operating instructions to define the test process. It can store 200 groups of data reports, displaying, printing and making LIMS transmission of customized design test reports.

It provides the real-time display of steam temperature, heater temperature, condensing temperature, receiving chamber temperature, distillation rate curve during the whole process, which can be easily and intuitively read out and judged whether each index meets standard requirements.

Have the functions of automatic control of distillation rate and automatic detection of recovery volume.

Have the functions of automatic detection of atmospheric pressure and automatic calculation function in accordance with the actual pressure.

Applicable standards and distillation procedures can be added in accordance with user’s needs.

The repeatability and reproducibility of multiple experimental results can be automatically compared.

With the function of filtering experimental results, the experimental results can be displayed in accordance with the setting of time and quantity.

After the test, enter the residual amount to automatically calculate the evaporation temperature.

The test stop point can be set arbitrarily. 10% distillation residue test can be performed. Samples for residual carbon test can be prepared.

It can automatically calibrates the sample temperature test system and compensate for the drift. PT100 can calibrate the temperature point through the screen.

Hierarchical access to prevent random modification of the parameters of the test program.

When there is a blue screen, system crash, etc. during use, the instrument has a one-key recovery function and retains the original test data and setting procedures.



Embedded computer, imported industrial computer, 12.1-inch large-screen LCD display, full Chinese operating system, fully automatic completion of all experimental procedures after sample loading, built-in WINDOWS operating system, and external printer.

Built-in 2 flame sensors with automatic fire extinguishing function completely eliminates the possibility of fire hazards.

Use low-voltage, high-current distillation heater, safe and reliable with a long service life.

No exposure of the tracking control system in the receiving room avoids corrosion of corrosive steam on the surface of the control system.

Drive system without clearance overcomes the inherent shortcomings of lead screw drive and ensures the realization of the precise value specified by .

Equipped with furnace wire protection device to extend the service life of the furnace wire.

No exposure of the photoelectric detection of the tracking device avoids corrosion of oil and gas in the receiving chamber.

It is equipped with a specially designed diversion shovel, so that there is no gap between the measuring cylinder and the sealing cover to ensure the accuracy of the recovered volume.

The flask is made of quartz material to ensure the durability of the flask.

Optical volume measurement system protected from smoke samples.


Technical parameters:

Distillation rate: Distillation rate: 210ml/min can be set arbitrarily.

Temperature sensor temperature range: 0+450℃; temperature accuracy: ±0.1℃.

Volume range: 0102%; volume measurement accuracy: <0.1 mL.

Receiving room temperature control range: 060℃;

condenser temperature range: 060℃, temperature accuracy: ±0.5℃.

Built-in atmospheric pressure sensor, range: 70110kPa (50800mmHg); make calibration, store calibration records, and the range is suitable for high altitude areas.

Distillation heater: 1000W/24V

Power: 2500W

Dimension: 600×500×650 (mm)

Weight: 50Kg


Testable items of instrument configuration:

It is suitable for the automatic completion of the whole process of distillation experiment and the determination of the distillation range of gasoline, kerosene, diesel and organic solvents.


8.Accessories configuration (including manufacturer) (single unit):

Serial Number

Name and Specification Model




Host TP-100

1 set


Steam temperature sensor PT100

1 pc


Sensor positioning device

1 pc



Water receiving tray

1 pc

Stainless steel


Condenser tube cleaning cord

1 set

Stainless steel


Condensing tube rubber plugs

2 pcs

Silicone rubber


Condensing pipe sleeves

2 pcs

Oil-resistant rubber


Flask quartz backing plate


1 pc of each


Electric furnace bracket sleeve

6 pcs



Diversion shovel

2 pcs

Stainless steel


Diversion shovel 100ml

1 pc


Measuring cylinder base

1 pc

Stainless steel


Quartz flask 125ml

1 pc


Measuring cylinder 5ml

1 pc


Keyboard and mouse

1 set


Fuse Φ6×30  20A

1 pc


Access to LIMS system:

The instrument can be connected to the laboratory LIMS system and multiple machines can be networked.



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