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Portable Spectrophotometer TP2300
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Portable Spectrophotometer TP2300

  • TP2300


Product Description

Product introduction: TP2300 is a portable spectrophotometer with a diameter of 8mm. It is suitable for quality control and color evaluation of different measurement planes in various industries. TP2300 has many functions, is easy to carry, and is suitable for fast, portable and precise color control.

How to use: Measure the standard sample first, and then measure the sample. The color difference value will appear on the color LCD screen.

Features of TP2300 Spectrophotometer:

1) Accurate data

Using the self-developed spectrum detection kernel, combined with the standard data of the China Academy of Testing Technology, to achieve more accurate color parameter measurement;

2) Consistent data

Each color measuring instrument has been carefully debugged and strictly controlled by quality. Up to 24 color blocks (X-Rite standard 24 color cards) are used for data consistency inspection to ensure data consistency.

3) Humanized appearance design

The ergonomically designed body brings you a more comfortable measurement experience;

Adopt TFF color high-definition display and graphical user interface to realize easier operation for you;

The body is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry;

4) Low power design

Adopt low-power design principles, and at all costs, deepen low-power design into every module;

Lithium battery can be measured more than 10,000 times once charged, which is 8~10 times of the industry average;

Low power consumption LED light source design, lower power consumption, longer life (more than 20,000 hours to 50,000 hours), convenient for long-term mobile and outdoor measurements;

5) Quick measurement

The spectrum detection core adopts a high-sensitivity design, and the detection sensitivity is increased by 5 times to achieve more sensitive and faster measurement. The measurement interval is less than 1.5 seconds, and the measurement speed is industry-leading;

6) Excellent stability

The electronic system adopts the mainstream ARM+FPGA architecture, which has the characteristics of large data throughput, stable operation, high system reliability, and strong anti-interference ability;

The spectrum detection core adopts correlated double sampling technology to effectively suppress external interference and system noise. It is an advanced weak signal detection technology;

7) More accurate spectral data, more accurate LAB value

The high-precision diffraction grating with 1200 reticle is used for light splitting, which can better separate light waves of different wavelengths;

Using a highly sensitive 2048 pixel CCD sensor, it can detect spectral data more accurately and obtain accurate color information.

8) Richer display content

The measurement interface simultaneously displays the standard sample data, sample data, measurement conditions, reflectance spectrum curve, color simulation, and realizes all the color information of one measurement;

Multiple color spaces, standard light sources, and chromatic aberration formulas are available to meet the various needs of customers;

9) High-performance lithium battery

Low-power design, high-performance lithium battery, fully charged can perform more than 10,000 measurements, which is convenient for long-term mobile and outdoor measurements.


Technical specifications



Geometric conditions

CIE recommended lighting receiving method: d/8

Color space

CIEL*a*b*, CIEL*C*h, Yxy

Standard light source

A, C, D65, F2 (CWF)

light source

Combination LED

Color difference formula

CIE△E*ab, CIE△E*Ch

Measuring caliber



Linear CCD@2048 pixels

Spectroscopic method

Diffraction grating


CIE10°standard observer, CIE2°standard observer

Wavelength range


Wavelength interval


Measurement interval

1.5 seconds

Measuring range

L: 0 to 100

Repeat accuracy

△E<0.08 (measure the whiteboard for 30 times and take the average value of the deviation)

Difference between stations

△E<0.5 (measure X-Rite 24 color chart)

Light source life

More than 20000 hours

battery power

1000 measurements


TFT true color 2.8 inches@ (16:9)

Data storage capacity

Store 100 standard samples

Store 16,000 samples

Operating temperature

0°C-40°C (32℉-104℉)

Storage temperature

-20°C-50°C (-4℉-122℉)

Humidity range

Relative humidity is lower than 85%, no condensation





Package size


Standard accessories

Power adapter, standard white board, standard black cavity, lithium battery, manual

Optional accessories

Mini printer



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