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NDJ-1C-T Ttouch Screen HighTemperature Viscosimeter
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NDJ-1C-T Ttouch Screen HighTemperature Viscosimeter

  • NDJ-1C-T



Product Description


T series rotary viscometer is perfectly integrated into the touch screen technology, high technology in a modern fashion to fast, accurate, convenient to measure the viscosity. Powerful, liquid crystal display is far from before the viscometer.

 Since the 30 group test program to help users quickly and accurately obtain the viscosity of the samples and related data.5 inch color touch screen full, vivid display of various parameters and working conditions. With multi parameter measurement, display rich content, convenient operation, intuitive reading, high precision, stable speed, strong anti-interference performance, etc. The obvious advantages of wide working voltage.

Main features:

1. Using ARM technology, built in Linux system. The operation interface is simple

  and clear, through the test procedure to create and data analysis, rapid and easy to carry out the viscosity test;

2. The viscosity measurement is accurate, and each measurement range is automatically calibrated with a computer, with high accuracy and low error;

3. in addition to display rich content and viscosity, temperature measurement, accounting for the full-scale value percentage (graphics), maximum range overflow alarm, measuring range, the rotor speed under the combination of the date, time and so on. And it can show the kinematic viscosity in known density, greatly meet the different measurement requirements of users;

4. fully functional, timing measurement, self built 30 sets of testing procedures,

 access to the 30 sets of measurement data, real-time display of viscosity curves, print data and curves, etc.;

5. level indicator in the viscometer front, horizontal adjustment more convenient

6. Optional temperature probe, viscometer special constant temperature bath,

constant temperature cup, printer, standard samples (standard oil viscosity)



NDJ-1C-T type viscometer is widely used in need of high-temperature molten samples, such as asphalt, paraffin, hot melt and other industries.


Detailed technical parameters:



Control / display mode

5 inch color touch screen


0.5 / 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 50

Measurement range

10~200000 mPa.s



Measurement range (Newton liquid)


Repetition error (Newton liquid)


Timing function

standard configuration

Automatic scanning

Automatic scanning and recommendation of the best combination of rotor and speed

Display the maximum measurement range

The range of viscosity can be measured by the combination of the selected rotor and rotational speed.

Auto display kinematic viscosity

Required input sample density

Self built measurement procedure

Can save up to 30 groups (including the rotor, speed, temperature, time, etc.)

Save measurement results

Can save up to 30 sets of data (including viscosity, temperature, rotor, speed, time, density, kinematic viscosity, etc.)

Viscosity curve

real-time display

Print output

The data curve can print (standard print interface, to buy a printer)

Heating method

electrical heating

temperature range

room temperature +10°C~250°C

control accuracy


Data output interface

standard configuration

Outline dimension

300 * 300 * 450(mm)



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