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Integrated Thermal Analyzer TGA-DSC8000
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Integrated Thermal Analyzer TGA-DSC8000

  • TGA-DSC8000



Product Description


Comprehensive thermal analysis combines heat TG with differential thermal analysis DTA or differential scanning calorimetry DSC to obtain TG and DTA or DSC information simultaneously by using the same sample in the same measurement. Comprehensive thermal analysis mainly measures physical and chemical changes related to heat, such as melting point, heat of fusion, heat of crystallization and crystallization, heat of phase change reaction, thermal stability (oxidation induction period), glass transition temperature, adsorption and desorption, The content analysis, decomposition, compounding, dehydration, and additives of the components were studied. A flexible design with a wide range of options is the ideal tool in your lab. Instruments are widely used in most materials, including plastics, rubber, synthetic resins, fibers, coatings, grease ceramics, cement, glass, refractories, fuels, pharmaceuticals, food, refractory materials.



GB∕T 14837-2018 Rubber and rubber products Determination of the composition of vulcanizates and unvulcanized rubber by thermogravimetric analysis (Part 1-3)

JB/T 6856-1993 Thermogravimetry-Differential Thermal Analyzer

GB/T 36246-2018 "2018 primary and secondary synthetic surface sports ground"

YB/T 4328 test method for free calcium oxide in steel slag

GB/T 2951.41-2008 General Test Methods for Insulating and Sheathing Materials for Cables and Cables - Part 41: Test Method for Polyethylene and Polypropylene Mixtures - Environmental Stress Cracking Test.


Technical Parameters:

1. Temperature range: indoor temperature ~1200 °C

2. Temperature resolution: 0.01 ° C

3. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.1 °C

4. Heating rate: 0.1 ~ 80 ° C / min

5. Constant temperature: indoor temperature -1000 ° C

6. Constant temperature time: 0-500min (the temperature above 1300 °C is recommended not to exceed 60min)

7. Temperature control mode: PID temperature adjustment

8. DSC resolution: 0.01mW

9. DSC range: 0~±600mW

10. DSC sensitivity: 0.1mW

11. Balance measurement range: 0.01mg-2g (optional range 10g, 50g, etc.)

12. Thermogravimetric resolution: 0.01mg (optional resolution 1ug, 0.1ug, etc.)

13. Gas control: two-way gas control of nitrogen and oxygen (automatic switching of instruments), sealing the furnace body, fully realizing nitrogen

Protection, providing a leak test sample

14. Working power: AC220V/50Hz or customized

15. Gas flow rate: 0-200mL/min

16. Gas pressure: 0.2MPa

17. Optional crucible: aluminum crucible 6.76.7*3mm, ceramic crucible 6.76.7*3mm

18. Parameter standard: equipped with standard materials (indium, tin, zinc, silver), users can correct temperature enthusiasm


Technical features:

1. Industrial grade 8-inch touch screen with rich display information.

2. Automatically lift the furnace body.

3.USB communication interface, strong versatility, reliable communication without interruption, support self-recovery connection function.

4. Water bath insulation system, which cuts off the influence of the temperature of the high temperature furnace body on the weight of the balance.

5. Automatically switch two channels of atmospheric flow, the switching speed is fast, and the stabilization time is short. At the same time, add a protective gas input.

6. Configure the furnace body sealing system to achieve a full atmosphere protection environment and avoid air impact.

7. Improved installation process, all mechanical fixing, sample support rods are flexible and replaceable, and crucible can be selected with various models to meet different needs.

8. The flow meter automatically switches the two-way gas flow, the switching speed is fast, and the stabilization time is short.

9. Lower dish balance weighing system, electromagnetic force balance principle.

10. The software is powerful and easy to operate.



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