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GB / T26984 Automatic Crude Oil Distillation Range Tester TP26984-Z
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GB / T26984 Automatic Crude Oil Distillation Range Tester TP26984-Z

  • TP26984-Z



Product Description

Instrument overview:

TP26984-Z automatic crude oil distillation range tester is designed and manufactured according to the national standard GB / T26984.

TP26984-Z automatic crude oil distillation range tester adopts modular design, the detection part adopts advanced sensors and high-precision AD conversion circuit, the main control part adopts multiple industrial applications, high reliability 24 bit RISC structure, ultra-low power consumption microprocessor, good and reliable communication will form a unified and reliable measurement and control platform.


The operation program of TP26984-Z automatic crude oil distillation range tester adopts high-quality and the simplest modular program design, and organically combines with hardware, so that the heating and cooling, liquid level tracking, recording temperature, printing and other work in the boiling range measurement process can be automatically completed, and achieved “one key of operation mode for results out”.


TP26984-Z automatic crude oil distillation range tester automatically detects the atmospheric pressure in the environment and the working temperature in the tester, and automatically compensates the measured results under the standard atmospheric pressure, which increases the comparability of the test results.


The TP26984-Z automatic crude oil distillation range tester has 16 groups of determination parameters preset, which can be selected for testing different samples and is convenient for testing operation. At the same time, the preset parameters can be modified to meet the requirements of special samples.


Technical parameters:

1. Working power supply: AC220 V ± 10% 50 Hz

2. Standard: GB / T26984

3. Operating system: Windows operating system, Mitsubishi PLC control

4. Display mode: 10 inch color Industrial LCD touch screen

5. Temperature range: 0 ~ 400 °C, resolution: 0.01 °C

6. Volume detection: 0-100ml, resolution 0.01ml

7. Distillation rate: 4 ~ 5ml / min

8. Refrigeration mode: imported compressor refrigeration - 10 ~ 70 °C

9. Volume detection: 0-100ml, resolution 0.01ml

10. Temperature measuring element: imported PT100 temperature sensor, built-in temperature correction

11. Heating power: 1200W electric heating unit

12. Fire alarm system: equipped with nitrogen fire extinguishing device

13. Data input: touch screen data input, can input Chinese, English, numbers, punctuation

14. Ambient temperature: 5 °C ~ 30 °C

15. Relative humidity: 30-80% RH


Performance Features:

1. Industrial color touch display, real-time display temperature, time, volume data and related curves.

2. Mitsubishi PLC control system, test heating, cooling, liquid level tracking, temperature recording, printing and other work automatically completed.

3. The test process complies with the national standard, and the electric furnace heating is automatically controlled, so that the recovery is controlled within the standard requirements.

4. Imported Danfu tear compressor is adopted, with reliable constant temperature, which can quickly cool the distillation chamber and shorten the waiting time.

5. The imported infrared measuring cylinder reading system has high resolution and the recovery reading is accurate to 0.01 ml.

6. The imported temperature sensor is used, and the data is accurate and reliable.

7. The instrument has the function of setting safe temperature. If the heating temperature exceeds the set safe temperature, the instrument will stop heating automatically.

8. The system has its own self-test system, modular design, convenient for subsequent product maintenance and upgrading

9. Distillation heating high performance ceramic heating plate, energy saving, safe, equipped with extinguishing device, can be connected to nitrogen fire extinguishing.

10. Built in atmospheric pressure detection module imported from Germany, automatic correction of air pressure, real-time detection and automatic correction.

11. The function of storage and query can store hundreds of test results and check and print test data at any time.



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