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GB/T12914-91 TP-01N Intelligent Paper Tensile Tester
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GB/T12914-91 TP-01N Intelligent Paper Tensile Tester

  • TP-01N



Product Description


The tensile tester is an instrument specially designed for tensile strength testing of paper. Its range is 30N, 300N, 500N, etc. It is suitable for testing all kinds of paper and cardboard. The 30N range is mainly used for the detection of tensile strength, elongation and wet strength of sanitary paper, napkins, paper towels and other sanitary papers; 300N range for the detection of general cultural papers and packaging papers; 500N is some Detection of extra high strength paper. The instrument has high precision and repeatability that meets the requirements of the standard. It can detect the tensile strength, tensile strength, elongation, elongation, crack length, tensile energy absorption, tensile index, tensile energy absorption index, and rupture time of paper. Its structural parameters and technical performance fully comply with the ISO1924/2 paper and paperboard tensile strength measurement (constant speed stretching method), GB/T12914-91 paper and paperboard tensile strength measurement, GB/T 453-2002 paper and cardboard Determination of tensile strength (constant speed loading method), QB/T1670-92 electronic tensile strength testing machine. It is an indispensable ideal equipment for scientific research units, paper manufacturers, packaging industry and quality inspection departments.



1. High precision and repeatability: High-precision load cell is used, and the accuracy at the factory is controlled at <0.5%, which is better than ±1% of the ISO standard. Imported stepper motor control, using the latest subdivision technology, accurate positioning of the instrument, fast speed response, plus reasonable design, precision machining, to ensure the high repeatability of the instrument.

2. Long life: precision ball screw drive, high-quality machining process and reasonable design to ensure the durability of the instrument. Our professional design and programming team can also upgrade the instrument to ensure the lead of the instrument.

3. Wide range of functions and complete functions: Several ranges are available for selection, making this model suitable for all paper and board. Moreover, it is fully functional: it can detect the tensile strength, tensile strength, elongation, elongation, crack length, tensile energy absorption, tensile index, tensile energy absorption index, and breaking time of paper.

4. Easy to use, easy to operate: High-speed ARM processor, high degree of automation, fast data acquisition; 7 touch LCD display Chinese, friendly man-machine interface operation. Fully automatic test, with test data statistical processing function, standard micro-printer output, can also be connected to computer operation. When connected to a computer, in addition to automatically memorizing the stored results, the tensile curve can also be displayed and saved.

5. Fast and efficient testing: preset test speed, sample width, sample weight, etc. The built-in force value can be converted in multiple units, and the result unit can be converted. Make testing faster and more efficient.

6. Easy to measure and calibrate: the load cell is connected to the upper chuck at the top, and the user or the metering and calibration department (third party) can hang the standard weight on the upper chuck to easily perform the indication error calibration of the instrument.


Technical data



Power supply voltage

AC220V 50HZ

Test force


Accuracy level


Control mode

Microcomputer control, fully automatic test

Display mode

 7-inch true color touch LCD display

Data output mode

Micro printer statistics print results, or optional PC-side output

Test force range

Standard 500N

Measuring range

2% - 100% of the maximum test force

Test force accuracy

 better than ±1% of the indicated value

Force value resolution


Displacement resolution


Deformation accuracy

better than ±1%

Speed control system

Stepless motor and control system stepless speed regulation

Drive mode

Stepper motor drives synchronous belt drive, precision ball screw plus double linear bearing operation

Motor power

about 80W

Speed range


Compressed space

400mm (can be customized according to customer needs)

Stretching space

400mm (can be customized according to customer needs)

Host size


Net weight


Test protection function

force value overload protection, stroke upper and lower limit protection, leakage protection, etc.


Standard configuration

main unit, standard fixture, thermal printer, power cord, technical files, etc.

Reference standard

ISO1924/2 "Determination of tensile strength of paper and board (constant speed stretching method)"

GB/T12914-91 "Determination of tensile strength of paper and board"

GB/T 453-2002 "Determination of tensile strength of paper and paperboard (constant speed loading method)"

QB/T1670-92 "Electronic Tensile Strength Testing Machine"



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