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GB/T 25571-2010 TP-23771 Bulk Density Tester
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GB/T 25571-2010 TP-23771 Bulk Density Tester

  • TP-23771



Product Description


The powder bulk density meter is equipped with a leveling device that adjusts the balance to reduce the influence of the external environment on the measurement results; the measuring cup has a positioning device to ensure that the center of the funnel and the measuring cup are in a straight line. It is designed and produced according to the national standard GB/T 25571-2010 food national safety standard, food additive active clay. The device is suitable for the determination of the bulk density of activated white clay for food additives. It also meets the HGT2764-2008 industrial sodium percarbonate industry standard for bulk density determination equipment requirements. It also meets the determination of bulk density in GBT 23771-2009 inorganic chemical products. HG/T2573-2006 industrial light magnesium oxide (HG\T2573-2006 instead of HG\T2573-1994) bulk density determination requirements; at the same time meet HG/T2770-2008 industrial ammonium polyphosphate, mainly used as coatings, paper, plastics, rubber Determination of bulk density of flame retardant additives for textiles, wood and organic building materials.

The principle of powder bulk density meter: the dust is freely dropped from the funnel mouth at a certain height and filled with the measuring cup; the mass per unit volume in the measuring cup under the loose state is determined, that is, the bulk density. The sample to be tested is loaded into the funnel, falls naturally along the lower port of the funnel and flows into the measuring cylinder, and the sample falling into the measuring cylinder is flattened, and the quality of the sample in the measuring cylinder is measured after being flattened on the balance. By dividing the volume of the measuring cylinder, the bulk density of the product to be tested can be measured.

Instrument structure:

1: The funnel outlet is 30 mm in diameter; the height of the funnel is 135 mm, and the funnel is made of stainless steel.

2: Measuring cylinder diameter: 80mm, volume: 500ml

Measurement methods:

1. Preparation of sample: The sample to be tested was placed in an oven and dried at a temperature of 1100 C for 1 hour and cooled to room temperature before measurement.

2. Fill the sample to be tested with a 250 mL beaker. Close the vent of the funnel and place the measuring cylinder in the center of its outlet. Pour the sample into the funnel and open the discharge valve of the funnel to allow the abrasive to fall freely until it has completely flowed. This process should avoid vibration.

3. Use a straight ruler to scrape off the excess sample on the measuring cylinder. When the material is scraped, the ruler is about 450 degrees from the upper plane of the measuring barrel and scraped four times perpendicularly to each other. This process should prevent compaction of the specimen in the measuring cylinder and avoid chattering. The mass of the sample in the measuring bucket is then weighed.

4. Calculate the bulk density as follows:

Pam1/V where: Pap ------- the bulk density of the sample to be tested, unit: g/cm3;

M1-------- Measure the mass of the sample in the cylinder, unit: g; V--------- measure the volume of the cylinder, unit: cm3.

5. A sample shall be measured three times repeatedly, and the arithmetic mean of the three measurements shall be taken as the bulk density value of the sample to be tested.

6. The same operator repeats the measurement with the same instrument, and the error shall not exceed ±0.02g/cm3.



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