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GB/T 255 Petroleum Products Distillation Range Tester TP-255
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GB/T 255 Petroleum Products Distillation Range Tester TP-255

  • TP-255



Product Description


This instrument is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the People's Republic of China standard GB/T 255 "Petroleum Product Distillation Measurement Method" and the People's Republic of China Industry Standard SH/T 0121 "Technical Conditions for Petroleum Product Distillation Range Measuring Device". The determination method specified in the GB/T255 standard determines the fraction composition of liquid fuels, solvent oils and light petroleum products.


Technical indicators:

1. Power supply: AC (220 ± 10%) V, 50HZ

2. Distillation flask: Made of hard glass, heat resistant to 500 °C or above, the ball diameter of the bottle is Φ69 mm±1 mm, the neck thickness of the bottle is Φ16 mm±1 mm, and the branch pipe and the bottle neck are at an angle of  75º±3º.

2. Thermometer: -2 ° C ~ 400 ° C, indexing 1 ° C, in line with the national standard GB / T 514 requirements.

4. Condensation tank: Made of stainless steel material, length 180mm *width 100mm * height 150mm. Condensing tube is refined with Φ16mm*1mm brass tube, the inner surface is smooth, 15°angle with the horizontal plane, and the length of the condensation tube is 555mm±3mm from the lower part of the outer surface. The water outlet is in the shape of a circular arc, and the height of the outlet joint is not less than 10 mm above the upper end of the condenser, ensuring a good cooling effect.

5. Heating adjustment: consists of heating device, thyristor thermostat circuit and control panel. The heating device is composed of an electric furnace, the power is 1000W/220V, and the heating rate can continuously adjustable.

6. Measuring cylinder and pressure iron: The measuring cylinder is divided into 10 ml and 100 ml. The pressure iron is made of carbon steel, and the outer coating is Cu. Ni, Cr is not rust in water and is pressed on the base of the measuring cylinder, so that the 100 ml empty cylinder does not float from the water of the glass cylinder.

7. Working environment: ambient temperature -10 ° C ~ +35 ° C; relative humidity ≤ 85%.

8. Power consumption of the whole machine: no more than 1100W.

9. Dimensions: 710mm* 240mm *470mm (length *width * height).



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