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Fast Oil Quality Tester PTT-B
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Fast Oil Quality Tester PTT-B

  • PTT-B



Product Description

Application & Feature

The oil quality influence industrial equipment a lot. This PTT-B fast oil quality tester can on site judge the oil pollution degree to see if it needs changing oil or not, like whether the newly purchased or in-use lubricating oil is qualified or not. It has been widely applied in fields of aerospace, oil field, ports, transportation, mines, electricity, metallurgy, chemicals, engineering machinery etc. It adopts single-chip microcomputer technology and is composed of sensing circuit, computer circuit, display circuit, interface circuit and built-in AC-DC power supply system. It has many special functions and advantages such as the following.

1. Can test any one kind of lubricating oil which has oil number;(can customize to input various oil parameters and number). The test precision and operation reliability is further improved. It can not only test various lubricating oil such as engine oil and gear oil, but also can test high sensitivity required hydraulic oil, transformer oil etc.

2. Power supply are DC-AC dual function. It has in-built high energy battery and can still work no matter there is mains supply or not, convenient for outdoor onsite use. When the battery is going to run out, there is red indicator light of undervoltage to indicate.

3. In the instrument database there is a certain number of oil scrap reference value. You just need to operate as per the test window indications. After testing, except displaying test result data, it can automatically divide lubricating oil quality into three different pollution type of scrap, workable or good and display out.

4. Convenient operation with quick testing speed. No need of zeroing, with only one sensor, user only needs to successively add standard liquid and testing liquid into a sensor as per indications, then can get test result.

5. Good test repeatability. Multiple tests are in agreement.

6. Has function of monitoring and alerting wrong operation

7. Can test water content in oil.

8. Integrated structure, nice appearance, durable and portable operation.


Functions & Specification

Main test items

Oil comprehensive pollution degree.

Water content in oil.

Metal debris bigger than 65ìm.

There is light oil or not.

Repeatability test


Whole machine power consumption

≤300mW battery can continuously work for 6 hours.

Power supply

AC Mains supply~220V/50Hz; DC 9V high energy battery.

Size (L*W*H)

22.5 mm*22.5 mm*14.0mm



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