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Desktop Oil Contamination Degree Detector TP-T
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Desktop Oil Contamination Degree Detector TP-T

  • TP-T



Product Description

The TP-T desktop particle counter adopts a particle counting system developed by the principle of photoresistance (shading method), uses a specially customized sensor area to pass the oil tank, and selects sophisticated optical components to ensure high resolution and accuracy of detection. The particle counter is used to detect the size and quantity of solid particles in liquids. It can be widely used in aerospace, electric power, petroleum, chemical, transportation, port, metallurgy, machinery and automobile manufacturing and other fields. It can be used for hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, transformers, etc. Oil (insulating oil), turbine oil (turbine oil), gear oil, engine oil, aviation kerosene and other oils are tested for solid particle pollution, as well as for insoluble particles in organic liquids and polymer solutions.



1. 7.0 inch color LCD touch screen, graphic menu display, touch operation, simple and convenient

2. Built-in Chinese and English switch button, can realize Chinese and English language selection display

3. Using the principle of photoresistance method, it has the advantages of fast detection speed, strong anti-interference, high precision, good repeatability, etc.

4. Precise syringe sampling system to achieve constant sampling speed and precise control of sampling volume

5. Positive/negative pressure sampling chamber device to realize sample degassing and high-viscosity sample detection

6. 16 particle size channels that can be set arbitrarily, which is convenient for particle size analysis

7. Detection data storage function, which can facilitate data retrieval, storage and analysis

8. RS-232 interface and feature-rich detection software can realize external computer communication

9. Built-in thermal printer, which can print test results in real time

10. Built-in ISO 4406, NAS 1638, GJB 420A-1996, GJB 420B-2006, SAE AS4059E, SAE 749D, SH-T

0868 (IP565) and other testing standards, you can customize the channel and standard, and can also support two compatible evaluation standards at the same time

11. The equipment can be calibrated and calibrated according to GB/T 18854-2002, ISO 4402, and latex ball standards, and the automatic conversion of particle size between different standards can be realized


Technical Parameters:

1. Detection channel: 16 arbitrarily set particle size size can display channels

2. Particle size range: 1-400μm

3. Viscosity range: 0-400cSt

4. Measuring range: 1-100μm (ISO-4402), 4-70μm(c) (ISO-11171); (5) Sensitivity: 1μm (ISO-4402), 4μm(c) (ISO-11171);

5. Sampling method: bottled

6. Sampling volume: 1~25mL, adjustable

7. Sampling speed: 5-20mL/min, adjustable (9) Sampling accuracy: ±0.5%

8. Maximum pressure of sampling chamber: 0.95MPa; Maximum vacuum of sampling chamber: 0.085MPa (11) Oil temperature: 0-80°C; Ambient temperature: 0-50°C

9. Working humidity: 20-85% relative humidity, non-condensing

10. Coincidence error limit: 24000 p/ml

11. Grain size resolution: ≤10%

12. Repeatability: ≤3%

13. Power supply mode: AC220V±10%, 50Hz



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