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Automatic Infrared Sulfur Measuring Instrument TP-2600R
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Automatic Infrared Sulfur Measuring Instrument TP-2600R

  • TP-2600R

Product Description


1. The unique double oxygen lance design accelerates the sample burning speed.

2. The test speed is fast, and the average single sample analysis time is 120 seconds.

3. 60 samples can be placed in a single time, loop stakeout, add, delete, and insert test samples at any time.

4. Intelligently identify and locate samples, and automatically complete the test.

5. With an external balance, the sample quality is directly transmitted to the computer without manual input.

6. The unique airtight design can effectively isolate the air and prevent the external environment from affecting the experimental results.

7. Optimize the gas circuit structure, greatly shorten the maintenance time and convenient and fast.

8. Optional waste gas treatment function to completely avoid laboratory air pollution.

9. The test software is powerful, and can realize the functions of user login authority management, experiment process information recording, voice alarm and fault handling prompts.

10. It can be connected to the laboratory management system to realize real-time monitoring of ambient temperature and humidity, automatic transmission of sample coding and quality information, backup and upload of test results, and anti-tampering of experimental data.

11. Special functions applicable to fuel control:

1) Security data management: sample code and weight information are automatically transmitted, and test results are automatically backed up and uploaded.

2) Upload data includes: ambient temperature, humidity (environmental parameters); instrument operating status, time, furnace temperature (process parameters), etc.


Technical Parameters

Test index


Measuring range

Sulfur 0.01%~30%

Sample quality

100~400mg (200mg recommended)

Number of samples

60 pcs (infinite loop sample loading)

Single sample test time

120 seconds on average

Test temperature

1300°C (can be set)

Power supply

Ac 220v 50hz






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