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ASTM D86 Automatic Distillation Range Tester DIL-100Z
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ASTM D86 Automatic Distillation Range Tester DIL-100Z

  • DIL-100Z

Product Description


This instrument is used for determination of distillation range of petroleum products according to the test method in GB/T 6536, complying with ASTM D86 and IP123. This instrument will automatically control the heating process and distillation speed, as well as record and print all record data.



1. Automatically controlling of test process. 10” touch LCD for display of temperature, volume and curves during the whole process.

2. Level tracking system consists of American Haydon high-stepping linear motor, imported integral linear ball screw circumferential positioning laser tracker (Japan KEYENCE). The cooling tube and cylinder room are refrigerated mechanically; imported Danfoss (Secop) compressor. Circulate in the cooling medium. Check and add cooling water every 2 years.

3. Automatically heating control of distillation over, the sample can be heated to 95% of the flow rate from initial boiling point controlled within 4~5ml per minute.

4. Provide initial boiling point and final boiling point temperature, and various percentage temperature and flow rate.

5. Automatically measuring of local atmospheric pressure, and corrected to standard atmospheric pressure.

6. Stopping of test by the steam temperature available.

7. The test result can be stored, queried and printed.


Technical Parameters:

1. Power: AC220V±10% 50Hz

2. Heating power: 2KW

3. Cooling power: 0.5KW

4. Steam temperature: 0-400°C

5. Oven temperature: 0-500°C

6. Refrigeration temperature: 0-60°C

7. Refrigeration accuracy: ±1°C

8. Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.1°C

9. Volume accuracy: ±0.1ml


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