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ASTM D7098 Automatic Lubricant Oxidation Stability Tester by TFOUT Method TP-0074
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ASTM D7098 Automatic Lubricant Oxidation Stability Tester by TFOUT Method TP-0074

  • TP-0074


Product Description

This instrument is the first design in domestic, instead of the original paper recorder, this instrument uses fully automatic control system, operator just need to put the sample into the instrument, the instrument automatically detects and prints the results, the entire process without human control. The principle is the sample, distilled water and copper catalyst coil together putted into the glass tube, and then put it into the oxygen bomb which filled with oxygen at room temperature,then put into the oil bath at the specified temperature.Oxygen bomb needs a horizontal angle of 30 degrees, oxygen bomb speed needs to reach 100r / min. When the specified pressure drop is reached, record the time, stop the test, as the oxidation stability of the sample.


Technical Parameters

the applicable standard: ASTM D7098, D4742, SH / T0074.

the instrument form: floor-type oxygen bomb all stainless steel structure (angle iron frame excluded).

temperature control : 0 ~ 160 °C adjustable, temperature control accuracy 0.1 °C.

the display: large-screen LCD screen.

display content: Windows interface:

① control temperature and setting temperature;

② time / pressure logarithmic curve (four simultaneous display);

③ test results and the average;

④ fault tips.

6. auxiliary functions:

A. automatic oxygenation and leak detection;

B. over-temperature alarm function;

C. liquid level alarm function.

7. the pressure detection accuracy: ± 0.1%

8. test data storage: 100 groups

9. power consumption: 2.6KW


Main Features

1. the instrument is controlled by computer, four groups of tests can be carried out at the same time, the entire test process and printing of measured data are automatically;

2. large screen Windows interface, hyperbolic screen display (including temperature control conditions, oxygen bomb speed, pressure curve, test data, average, etc.) The entire test process is at a glance;

3. the instrument has automatic pressurized,pressure leak detection function which greatly saves the workload of the operator;

4. data and curve printing using ordinary copy paper (only 0.04¥ per piece) instead of imported recording paper ( 10¥ per piece) greatly reduce the cost of testing;

5. the instrument is equipped with standard RS-232C communication interface which can be connected to the central control computer networking, easy for network quality management;

6. equipped with self pressure recorder, can do automatic - manual comparison test;

7. the instrument control parts adopt imported parts to ensure the reliability of the instrument;

8. the instrument has a test failure and fault alarm display, easy for fault diagnosis;

9. the instrument uses four shells work unit, easy to do two groups of parallel samples;

10. four oxygen bombs divided into two groups, arbitrarily start a group of oxygen bombs to do the experiment;

11. imported conductive slip ring, easy for bomb disassembly, to prevent leakage (three years warranty boxed products);

12. a computer can control multiple oxidizer;

13. instrument software fault can be remote maintenance, online processing through the network, without staff;

14. The instrument is equipped with four sets of stirring motor, two sets of stirring oil bath temperature, the other two groups as oxygen bomb rotator to ensure the uniformity of the test temperature;

15. the instrument has a fume treatment system, reducing the danger and harm to operators;

16. fume processing front-end filter system to avoid fast time to reduce the media;

17. import quick connector, easy for oxygen bomb disassembly, no leakage;

18. microcontroller microcomputer temperature control system, high precision, temperature resolution is three decimal places;

19. the instrument is equipped with automatic protection function, when the temperature exceeds the maximum temperature, the system automatically alarm and cut off the source;

20. 5 mm military standard stainless steel plate makes constant temperature bath ;

21. constant temperature bath and the instrument shell isolate through 14 kinds of thermal insulation materials, to ensure that no experimenters will be scalded;

22. four mixing motor fixed on the 10mm insulation boards, working in good condition, low noise, no vibration;

23. constant temperature bath changed into an advanced "V" structure, fast and uniform heating;

24. heating bath is equipped with a safety door in front, easy to place accessories and samples;

25. the pressure transmitter mounted directly on the oxygen bomb to avoid the phenomenon of hose leakage



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