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ASTM-D611 Automatic Aniline Point Tester TP262B
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ASTM-D611 Automatic Aniline Point Tester TP262B

  • TP262B

Product Description

TP262B Automatic Aniline Point Tester is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of ASTM-D611, National Standard GB/T 262 Aniline Point Determination Method for Petroleum Products. It is suitable for the determination of aniline points in light-colored petroleum products and dark-colored petroleum products. The lowest temperature at which petroleum products and aniline of equal volume dissolve into a single liquid phase is called aniline point.




7 inch color LCD touch screen, fashionable and beautiful.

2. Using imported photoelectric sensors, the test results are accurate and repeatable.

3. It has the function of over-temperature alarm. If the sample temperature in the test exceeds 170 °C. The buzzer automatically alarms and stops the test.

4. Simple operation, one-button start, automatic completion of the test process.

5. The host computer is controlled by microprocessor program. The test process is heated automatically, stirred automatically, the aniline points are identified automatically, stored automatically, and printed automatically. The machine stops automatically at the end of the test.


Technical Parameters:

Temperature Control Range: Room Temperature to 170°C

Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1°C

Heating mode: electric heating rod

Heating power: 60W

Stirring mode: motor driven soft shaft stirring

Detection method: photoelectric sensor

Storage records: 200

Printing mode: micro printer

Working power supply: AC 220V ±10%, 50HZ


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