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ASTM D5293 Engine Oil Apparent Viscosity Tester CCS-2602 (Cold Cranking Simulator Method)
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ASTM D5293 Engine Oil Apparent Viscosity Tester CCS-2602 (Cold Cranking Simulator Method)

  • CCS-2602



Product Description


This CCS-2602 Engine Oil Apparent Viscosity Tester is designed and manufactured according to the test methods of GB/T 6538 and ASTM D5293. It is suitable for measuring the apparent viscosity at -5~-35°C of engine oil under the condition of shear stress of about 1200~27000 mPa·s, shear rate of 105~104 S-1.The instrument adopts automatic temperature controller, and user can operate it on the personal computer. Beautiful human-computer interaction interface enables users to conveniently and quickly use the instrument for analysis. At the same time, the latest intelligent control system is adopted to improve the stability and reliability of the instrument, make the temperature control accuracy more accurate, and the calculation accuracy is higher, which fills the blank of the domestic petroleum analysis instrument industry.


Technical Parameter

1 Power supply: AC220V±10%   50Hz

2 Total power: 2KW

3 Heating power: 800W

4 Temperature range: -50~100°C

5 Temperature accuracy: ±0.1°C

6 Cooling range: -50°C~ Normal temperature

7 Temperature control accuracy: ±0.05°C

8 Ambient temperature: -40~30°C

9 Measuring range: 1200~27000 mPa.s


Structure and Principle

This CCS-2602 Engine Oil Apparent Viscosity Tester is composed of a bath temperature automatic control system, a stator measuring unit, a refrigeration system, a motor speed measuring system, and a host computer system. It adopts multi-thread operation control of the whole machine to realize the operation, control, calculation and display automation of the instrument, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the test personnel.


It adopts the principle of fuzzy temperature control,Freon compressor to realize the temperature control of the refrigeration equipment, can accurately and precisely control the cooling cold bath and stator temperature, and has high control precision. At the same time, the system can set temperature according to user’s needs in accordance with the nonlinear curve. The system automatically turns on the refrigeration equipment only when refrigeration is needed. The temperature measurement system uses high-precision thermal resistance to accurately measure temperature, and accuracy is high.


In order to facilitate human-computer interaction, the system uses a personal computer to communicate and control the device. The user can set the instrument parameters through the host computer. The host computer is developed with Visual Basic. The system distinguishes various functions of the system, and makes a detailed scheme design for each function, so that users can determine quickly, conveniently and quickly. It has real-time monitoring working parameters system, and stores the experimental results. It has a query function, which can conveniently query the historical data of various oil products.


The instrument is in accordance with the GB/T6538 standard, so that the user can use the instrument for apparent viscosity measurement. The self-test system of the instrument can quickly and easily calibrate all parts of the system. During the experiment, the user can first calibrate the instrument with standard oil. After the calibration is finished, the relationship between viscosity and motor speed is drawn. The apparent viscosity of the oil to be tested is obtained by curve fitting.


The instrument has the following characteristics:

1 Compact structure, beautiful appearance and easy operation.

2 The principle of fuzzy temperature control is adopted, the temperature control precision is high, and the response speed is fast.

3 The personal computer is used as the main control system for user convenience.

4 The built-in printer can print out the experimental results at any time, which is convenient for archival filing.

5 Automatic calculation of engine oil apparent viscosity using curve fitting method.



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