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ASTM D524 Ramsbottom Carbon Residue Tester (TP-0160)
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ASTM D524 Ramsbottom Carbon Residue Tester (TP-0160)

  • TP-0160

Product Description

Product Summary

This instrument is mainly applied to test the partially decomposed difficult-volatile petroleum product during distillation under normal pressure


Technical Parameters & Features

1. Applicable standard: SH/T0160 ISO4262 ASTM D524

2. Temperature control method: imported PID digital display temperature controller

3. Temperature control precision: 550±2°C

4. Heating method: electrothermal rod metal bath

5. Timing method: digital timer

6. Adopts metal bath to heat, with high heating speed and stable constant temperature.

7. Equipped with independent time control system to be able to test detection any time.

8. Two groups of temperature controller convenient for temperature revise.

9. Integrated structure convenient for moving.

10. Adopts cold-roll steel sheet to make with surface electrostatic spray treatment, corrosion resisting and easy to clean.

11. The instrument welding adopts the touch welding technology with no welding spot.


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