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ASTM D445 Double Bath Viscometer VST-2000D
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ASTM D445 Double Bath Viscometer VST-2000D

  • VST-2000D



Product Description


At a constant temperature, the time during which a volume of liquid flows under gravity through a calibrated glass capillary viscometer is measured. The capillary constant of the viscometer is the product of the flow time, which is the kinematic viscosity of the liquid at that temperature.

The Kinematic Viscosity Index Tester is applicable to the GB265 petroleum product kinematic viscosity measurement method, ASTM D445 and other standards, and is widely used in electric oil, electric power, chemical, railway, scientific research and other industries.


Main feature

1. It adopts color Chinese/English LCD touch screen display to display the working temperature of the instrument, such as temperature, time and parameters.

2, 8 viscometer test hole design, unique modular technology, can be measured regardless of low viscosity or high viscosity range;

3, using a new temperature sensor and temperature control algorithm, display resolution of 0.01 ° C, temperature control accuracy ± 0.02 ° C.

4. The instrument automatically calculates the kinematic viscosity value and viscosity index of the product, and automatically prints and stores the measurement result;

5, glass double cylinder design, can carry out the kinematic viscosity test under high and low temperature conditions at the same time, and automatically calculate and print the viscosity index value of the product.

6, 0.1 second to 999.9 seconds timing, room temperature - 100.00 degrees temperature range can be set arbitrarily

7, the heater and other components are made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and durable, easy to observe;

The capillary meter card adopts three-point vertical type, which is flexible and convenient to operate, and the clamping is reliable;


Technical data:

Display mode: 10 inch color LCD display

Temperature control range: arbitrarily set from room temperature to 100 °C;

Temperature control accuracy: ±0.01°C

Timing accuracy: ±0.1S

Timing range: 0.1 seconds - 999.9 seconds

Thermostatic bathtub: 250*250mm double layer

Printer: Low-power thermal printer, paper width 56mm

Temperature measuring component: Imported precision platinum resistance

Stirring speed: 1520 rpm

Maximum power: 1800W

Operating environment: Ambient temperature 15-35 °C Ambient humidity less than 85%

Power requirements: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz

Maximum size: 560*370*520 (length * width * height)

Instrument weight: 20Kg



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