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ASTM D3230 Microcomputer Salt Content Tester SCA-3230
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ASTM D3230 Microcomputer Salt Content Tester SCA-3230

  • SCA-3230

Product Description


The latest SCA-3230 Microcomputer Salt Content Measuring Instrument is suitable for the determination of salt content in crude oil, heavy oil, residue and various industrial water or their discharged water. It is also suitable for the determination of inorganic chloride ions in the above-mentioned samples.



Work Principle:

The crude oil is heated in the presence of polar solvents, and the salt is extracted by water. After centrifugal separation, the extract is injected into the titration cell by syringe. AgCl-in the sample and Ag+in the electrolyte occur. As a result, the concentration of Ag+ decreases. The measurement-reference electrode pair senses the change, and the potential difference caused by the change is fed into the microcoulometer amplifier, which outputs a corresponding amplifier. When the voltage is added to the working electrode, the electrolytic anode generates Ag+ to supplement the consumed Ag+, and the required amount of electricity to supplement the consumed Ag+ is measured. The salt content of the sample can be calculated according to Faraday's law.



Technical Indicators:

Sample types: liquids

Method of determination: Coulometric titration

Bias range: 0-500 mv, optional

Measurement range: salt content: 0.2-10 000 (NaCl) mg/L

Chloride ion content: 0.1 ppm-percent

Instrument accuracy: less than (±3%)

Determination time: <5 minutes/sample (excluding sample treatment)

Sampling volume: 1g ± 0.2g

Power dissipation: 50W

Environmental conditions:10~40°C, relative humidity not more than 80%, no obvious electromagnetic field effect.




The innovative design of titration cell and special sand core are used to replace the ionic membrane, which avoids the failure of the ionic membrane and leads to wrong results. It makes the instrument the best salt content determinator in China.

As long as silver nitrate can be used to titrate chloride ions, this instrument can be used to determine chloride ions more accurately, with higher sensitivity and simplicity, without the need to calibrate the solution. It is not only suitable for the determination of high content chloride ion, but also suitable for the determination of trace chloride ion in samples.

Microcomputer control, simple operation, reliable performance, good stability, easy installation.




Implementation Criteria:

ASTM D3230 Crude petroleum and products--Determination of salt content Electrometric Method.

GB/T 6532 Determination of Salt Content in Crude Oil (Potentiometric Titration)

GB/T 18612 Determination of Organochlorine Content in Crude Oil


SY/T 0536 Crude Oil Salt Content Determination Method (Electricity Method)



Product configuration:

Standard Configuration: Host, Titration cell, Computer, LCD, Laser Printer etc.

Selected configuration: electrolytic cell, constant temperature water bath, mixer and various standard samples.


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