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ASTM D1298 Petroleum Products Density Tester DST-2000
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ASTM D1298 Petroleum Products Density Tester DST-2000

  • DST-2000



Product Description


The instrument is applicable to the GB/T1884-92 standard.(equivalent to ASTM D1298) This standard specifies the method for determining the density of petroleum and liquid petroleum products in a laboratory using a petroleum density meter. This standard is applicable to the determination of crude oil, petroleum products and mixtures of petroleum products and non-petroleum products with a Reid vapor pressure not exceeding 180 kPa. The densitometer method is best suited for measuring the density of transparent, low-viscosity liquids, as well as for viscous liquids, but allows the petroleum densitometer to stay long enough to reach equilibrium. The sample is treated to a suitable temperature and transferred to a density metering cylinder that is approximately the same temperature as the sample. Then place the appropriate petroleum density meter vertically into the sample and stabilize it. After the temperature reaches equilibrium, read the reading of the petroleum density meter scale and record the temperature of the sample. If necessary, the density measuring cylinder of the sample can be placed in a suitable constant temperature bath to avoid excessive temperature changes during the experiment. The man-machine interface uses liquid crystal Chinese display, the menu click type input instruction, the constant temperature accuracy is high, stable and reliable.


Main Specifications

Temperature control range: 20-100 ° C

Temperature control accuracy: ≤ ± 0.02 ° C

Test cup number: three holes

Power Consumption:≤600W

Power supply voltage: AC220±10% 50Hz

Ambient temperature: recommended room temperature : 0-40 ° C

Relative humidity: <80%


Instrument features:

High precision microcomputer control, fast speed and high precision;

Adopt PID self-tuning temperature control technology, with high temperature control accuracy;

Chinese LCD screen, touch sensitive button;

LCD screen, touch sensitive button;

Built in high-speed thermal micro printer, beautiful and fast printing, with offline printing function

The test record can be saved for future reference;



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