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ASTM D1209 Platinum Cobalt Benchtop Colorimeter TP-1209
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ASTM D1209 Platinum Cobalt Benchtop Colorimeter TP-1209

  • TP-1209

Product Description


The colorimeter uses the photoelectric colorimetric principle to test the color of the aqueous solution. The instrument is calibrated using the platinum-cobalt color standard solution specified in the national standard GB5750 and ASTM D1209, with "degree" as the chromaticity measurement unit. Can be widely used in power plants, pure water plants, water plants, domestic sewage treatment plants, beverage plants, environmental protection departments, industrial water, wine industry, pharmaceutical industry, epidemic prevention departments, hospitals and other departments of colorimetric determination, in order to achieve the prescribed Water quality standards. 


Working conditions

1, The working environment temperature is 5 ~ 35 ° C storage -20 ~ 55 ° C

2. The working environment humidity is not more than 80% RH

3, Power supply voltage AC 220V 50Hz

4. The instrument should be placed horizontally on a stable laboratory bench to effectively avoid direct light sources. There is no strong magnetic interference and strong vibration source.

5. There should be no obvious dust and corrosive gas in the surrounding air. 


Technical parameters

1.Determination principle: platinum-cobalt standard colorimetry

2.Quantity range: 0 to 500 degrees

3.Basic error: ±5% F.S

4.Indication accuracy: 0.1 degrees

5.Zero drift: ±1 degree

6.Repeatability: ≤3%

7.Power: 220V/50HZ 


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