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ASTM D1160 Vacuum Distillation Analyzer DIL-004D
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ASTM D1160 Vacuum Distillation Analyzer DIL-004D

  • DIL-004D



Product Description


This instrument is designed and manufactured in accordance with the national standard GB / T 9168-1997 (2004) "petroleum products decompression distillation determination method" and ASTM D1160. The distillation range of petroleum product partial or full distilled at a maximum liquid temperature of 400 ° C can be measured under reduced pressure.



1. Adopt large color LCD touch screen user interface, real-time display various parameters and generate the relevant control keys;

2. Integrated software operation;

3. Adopt high-precision digital vacuum detection system, vacuum pressure control, real-time display, vacuum residual pressure measurement range (1.00 ~ 150.00) mmHg ± 0.01 mmHg;

4. Adopt advanced refrigeration technology;

5. Automatically display the whole process temperature and pressure and automatically control the vacuum pressure.

6. The internal parameters of the instrument, including temperature, vacuum pressure can be self-amended and calibrated according to the standard.

7. Independent research and development of the "conversion software of high standard atmospheric pressure and reduced pressure temperature” can improve the conversion accuracy to a large degree.

8. Equipped with the embedded micro-printer, the instrument can automatically print the test results.

9. Double open tempered glass door makes the whole test process is clearly visible.

10. Adopt independent heating furnace system, can adjust the height, forced cooling fan can speed up the test frequency.

11. The instrument is equipped with independent constant temperature water bath.

12. Real-time display the the initial distillation point, final distillation point and the volume and temperature parameters in all steps.

13. Automatically stop when test is over, with forced air-cooling protection

14. Automatic data storage, printing, and can store 200 sets of test data.


Technical Parameters:

1. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz. Power ≤ 2000W.

2. The flask heating furnace power: (0 ~ 1300) W, continuously adjustable.

3. Condensing circulating water temperature range: (room temperature ~ 95) °C ± 2 °C, continuously adjustable. Automatic cycle.

4. Cold trap work: liquid nitrogen (compressor refrigeration)

5. Vacuum residual pressure setting range: (1 ~ 99) mmHg.

6. Vacuum residual pressure measurement range: (1.00 ~ 150.00) mmHg ± 0.05mmHg, automatic constant voltage work.

7. Buffer tank volume: 15L.

8. Condensing tank volume: 2L.

9. Working conditions: Ambient temperature: 5 ~ 35 °C, Relative humidity: <85%.

10. Dimensions: 840mm * 530mm * 1040mm (Length * width * height).

11. Net weight: about 78 kg.



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