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ASTM C518 High Precision Thermal Conductivity Tester TP-III (including Computer)
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ASTM C518 High Precision Thermal Conductivity Tester TP-III (including Computer)

  • TP-III



Product Description


This instrument adopts the international popular method of measuring thermal conductivity and thermal resistance with heat flow meter , and equipped with computer to achieve the automatic detection and generate the experimental report. The instrument uses a stable hot surface temperature on one side of the sample, the heat is transferred to the cold surface through the sample, and the heat flow is measured to calculate the thermal conductivity and thermal resistance. It adopts the imported sensor and computer technology, which has the characteristics of good measurement accuracy, high reliability and good repeatability. It is especially suitable for the measurement of low thermal conductivity (accurate to 0.1MW). It can be used for testing plastics, rubber, thermal insulation material, gas gel board, vacuum glass and so on. It is widely used in universities, scientific research institutes, quality inspection, factories and mines. Reference standards: GB / T10295-2008 (determination of steady-state thermal resistance and related characteristics of thermal insulation materials by heat flow meter method) and ASTM C518-04 test method for steady-state heat flux and heat transfer characteristics by heat flow meter method.


Main Technical Parameters:

1. Testing Range and accuracy of thermal conductivity:

0.0001 ~ 3W / mk, accuracy can be measured to 0.1mw/mk.


2. Measurement accuracy: 1%.

3. Sample size: 50 × 50, 100 × 100,300 × 300 (mm).

4. It can test solid materials and powder materials.

5. The measurement time is 15-20min.

6. Hot surface temperature and control: room temperature - 199.9 ℃ (standard configuration), room temperature - 499.9 ℃, higher temperature can be determined according to user requirements. Flat heater, controlled by two-way thyristor, with temperature control accuracy of 0.1 ℃.

7. Cold surface temperature and control: 0-99.9 ℃ (standard configuration). The cold surface is water-cooled to ensure stable cold surface temperature (precision constant temperature water tank, adjustable temperature), and with temperature control accuracy of 0.1 ℃.

8. The sample is clamped accurately by computer with pressure range of 0-1000N and resolution of 0.1N.

9. Automatic measurement of sample thickness, 0-50mm, resolution 1um.

10. Using imported heat flow meter, with stable and reliable performance.

11. The whole process uses computer to test and print the experimental data.



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