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81000-2 SETAVAP II Automatic micro-saturated vapor pressure analyzer
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81000-2 SETAVAP II Automatic micro-saturated vapor pressure analyzer

  • 81000-2 SETAVAP II


Product Description

Complies with: ASTM D5191; IP394; IP481; EN13016-1; EN13016-2;

The result can be converted into D323 Reid vapor pressure results.

With the improvement of the refining process, the emergence of biofuels and ethanol gasoline, many old test methods have been replaced by new ones. The saturated vapor pressure of gasoline is one of them.The original Reid vapor pressure ASTMD323 has been replaced by ASTM D5191. In the United States, the new steam pressure test methods ASTMD4814 for unleaded gasoline and EN228 for European gasoline have been adopted -- ASTMD5191 and en 13016-1.

The SETAVAP II is a modern, low-cost, fully automatic saturated vapor pressure tester that is easy to operate and maintain. Used to measure the saturated vapor pressure of gasoline, solvents and other products. Since the device uses a fixed sample volume and is tested at a constant temperature, the maintenance cost of the instrument is relatively low. The instrument's digital display can prompt and guide the operator to operate, and can display information such as test results and test status. Test results can be automatically obtained according to the specified test method.

All valves operate automatically. The vapor pressure value is a vapor to liquid volume ratio of 4:1 and a temperature of 37.8 ° C ± 0.1 ° C. A 3 ml sample was injected through a septum into a 15 ml test chamber. A barometric pressure value is measured every minute until the difference between the three measured values is within 0.1 kPa, and the barometric pressure value at this time is the final result. The test results can be displayed as total vapor pressure, dry Radi vapor pressure (DVPE) and EPA vapor pressure.

In addition, the instrument can measure the saturated vapor pressure at room temperature. The instrument has the function of automatically correcting temperature and air pressure, which is simple and convenient.

Technical indicators:

Test temperature: 37.8 ° C ± 0.1 ° C

Test pressure range: 0 – 300kPa

Power: 70W

Dimensions (length X width X height): 37X13X20cm

Weight: 3.5kg

Attachment (included):

22422-6 Vacuum pump (VACUUM PUMP)

22420-001 Gas Syringes and Needles (GAS TIGHT SYRINGE AND NEEDLE)

22420-033 diaphragm (SEPTUM, 250 pieces/pack)

Recommended spare parts and consumables (two years or 2000 tests) are as follows:

22420-001 Gas Tight Syringe  2

22420-002 Needle (3pcs/pack) (Needles for syringe, pack of 3) 4

22420-033 Diaphragm (250 pieces/pack) (Septum, pack of 250)



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