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Portable Chilled Mirror Dew Point Tester TP-1500
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Portable Chilled Mirror Dew Point Tester TP-1500

  • TP-1500

Product Description


TP-1500 model dew point meter is a truly portable instrument. It uses rechargeable battery, durable, with lightweight and easy to carry. It is designed specifically for use on-site with high precision, wide range, low price, suitable for the fields of electricity, steel, petrochemical, natural gas, drying oven, pharmaceutical oven, environmental testing, calibration laboratories, spray booth, process gas monitoring and gas production.


1. Wide range of 1.1-60 ~ + 75 °C
2. Cold mirror measurement principle, high accuracy and reliability
3. Sensors and instrumentation are separable
4. ABC self-balancing and mirror automatic detection system contamination
5. The analog current or voltage signal output
6. Dual alarm output


Technical parameters:
1. Dew Point Range: Single stage cooling (S1 sensor): - 20 ~ 50 °C two-stage cooling(S2 sensor): - 30 ~ 50 °C three-stage cooling (S3 sensor): - 70 ~ 50 °C (S3 type sensor 220VAC power supply)
2. Accuracy: +/- 0.25 °C
3. Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 50 °C
4. Connection Size: 1/4 "card sets
5. Sampling rate: 0.5 ~ 5 SCFH (instrument’s flowmeter)
6. Sample Pressure: 0 ~ 150 psig (higher pressures can be customized)
7. Output signals: Analog output: 4 ~ 20mA (or 0 ~ 5VDC)
8. Display: Red LED display, 0.5  high: 8 Display
9. Alarm: Sound the alarm, displaying the word "ALARM"
10. Dimensions: height:14.75; length: 18; width: 7
11. Weight: 11 kg
12. Carrying Case: with a waterproof / anti-corrosion Carrying Case


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