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Grease Steel Mesh Oil Separation Tester TP-0324
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Grease Steel Mesh Oil Separation Tester TP-0324

  • TP-0324



Product Description


This instrument is designed and manufactured in accordance with the indicators specified in the industry standard of the People's Republic of China SH/T 0324 "Determination of Oil Separation of Grease Steel Mesh (Static Method)", and is suitable for measuring the oil separation tendency of grease at elevated temperatures.

The test method of this instrument is: install a 10g sample in a metal wire steel mesh, and in a static state at 100 °C ± 1 °C, after 30h, determine the mass percentage of the oil flowing through the steel mesh.


Main technical parameters

1. Stainless steel wire mesh: 60 mesh (55696 holes/dm3, the diameter of the wire is about 0.19 mm, the pore is about 0.28 mm), with metal wire lifting beams.

2. Beaker: high type, no mouth, 200ml.

3. Cup lid: Closely integrated with the cup, there is a hook at the center of the lid bottom.



1. Preheat the thermostat to 100°C±1°C.

2. Weigh a clean beaker (without steel mesh and lid), accurate to 0.01g.

3. With minimal agitation, carefully use a spatula to put about 10g (accurate to 0.01g) of the sample into the steel mesh (the tip of the mesh should be filled with the sample), avoid the formation of bubbles and voids, and make the top of the sample smooth And it has a convex shape to prevent the separated oil from accumulating, and wipe off the sample squeezed out from the mesh with your fingers. Weigh the steel mesh with the sample installed to the nearest 0.01g.

4. Put the installed steel mesh oil separator (beaker, steel mesh, cup lid) into the thermostat, and keep it at 100°C±1°C for 30h.

5. After reaching the specified temperature, remove the steel mesh oil separator from the thermostat and cool it to room temperature. 6. Take out the steel mesh from the cup, and make the oil on the tip of the steel mesh drip into the beaker along the wall of the cup. 7. Weigh the oil in the beaker to the nearest 0.01g.



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