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Modified Ross Foam Meter TP-52A
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Modified Ross Foam Meter TP-52A

  • TP-52A


Product Description

Basic Technical Parameters

Ross Foam Meter (ROSS-Miles), Modified Ross Foam Meter, Surfactant Tester


TP-52A National standard

Improved Ross Foam

Glass part

Separating funnel: 500ml

Jacketed measuring cylinder: 1500ml

Drip tube length: 300mm

Metering tube part

Brass, refined stainless steel tube,

Bearing fastening processing

National standard accessories

Bracket part

Professional clapboard tripod

(Triangular stability), large observation field and super stability ensure the safety of your experiment.

Water bath kettle part

Ross bubbler special water bath

Executive standard

International standard(ISO 696-1975)
National standard(GB/T 7462-94)

Main purpose

Dodecyl dimethyl betaine (BS-12)

Dodecyl dimethyl amine oxide (OA-12)

Coconut oleyl propyl dimethyl betaine (CAB-35)

Coconut oleyl propyl dimethyl amine oxide

Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether phosphate potassium salt, etc.

Shanghai Longtuo Professional Supply Improved Ross Foam Meter is widely used in foam fire extinguisher, foam flotation, foam drilling fluid surfactant determination, cosmetics, detergent, grain and oil production, food inspection, petrochemical and other industries.


Improved Ross method for surfactant detection:
(1). Longtuo's modified Ross surfactant detection principle is to measure the volume of foam after 500mL of surfactant solution is free flowing from 450mm to the liquid surface of the same solution.
(2). The 500 mL solution was continuously flowed down until the water level dropped to the 150 ml mark line, and the outflow time was recorded. All measurements of the difference between the outflow time and the observed outflow time arithmetic mean planting greater than 5% should be ignored, and an abnormally long time indicates the presence of air bubbles in the metering tube or cock. The foam volume (foam only) was measured at 0.5 min, 3 min, 5 min after the flow was stopped. 2152 Modified Foam Meter (Improved ROSS-Miles Method) Improved Ross Foam Meter, Surfactant Tester



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