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Petroleum Products Ash Tester Model TP-508
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Petroleum Products Ash Tester Model TP-508

  • TP-508



Product Description

Product description

TP-508l is designed and manufactured under the requirements of ASTM D482, GB/T 508, applicable to test ash content in petroleum products. It is not applicable for petroleum products which contain additives of phosphorous compound and leaded lubricants and used engine crankcase oil.

Technical features

1. The working principle of this instrument is to use ash-free filter paper as ignition core, ignite the sample placed in crucible and make it burn to only ash and residual carbon. The carbonaceous residue was then heat to ash in a high temperature furnace at 775 degree. C. and then cooled and weigh.

2. This instrument is composed of digital chamber electrical resistance furnace and electric furnace, with small occupying room.

3. Chamber electric resistance furnace adopts split type structure, composed of digital temperature control system, furnace chamber made of special fireproofing material and heater units, with shorter heating time, small overshoot of temperature, stable and accurate temperature control, long service life.

4. Electric furnace is composed of furnace wire and heating devices of fireproof material, with compact structure, small and durable.

Technical parameters

A: Chamber type electric resistance furnace

1. Power supply: AC220V ± 10%; 50Hz;
2. Rated power: 2500W;
3. Heating range: room temperature ~1000 °C;
4. Temperature control: (775 ± 25) °C;
5. Temperature control element: thermocouples;
6. Empty furnace heating time: ≤60 min;
7. Temperature uniformity: ≤15 °C;
8. Chamber size (mm): 200 mm*120 mm *80 mm (L*W*H)

B: Electric furnace

1. Working power supply: AC220V±10 %; 50 Hz;
2. Rated power: 1000w;
3. Heating method: 0 - 220v voltage continuously adjustable  

C: Porcelain crucible

Porcelain crucible specification: 50ml, 100ml.

Technical parameters

1. Power supply: AC220V ± 10%; 50Hz;
2. Rated power: 2500W;
3. The heating range: room temperature ~1000 ℃;
4. The temperature control: (775 ± 25) ℃;
5. The temperature control element: thermocouples;
6. Air furnace heating time: ≤60 min;
7. Temperature uniformity: ≤15 ℃;
8. The chamber size (mm): 200 mm*120 mm *80 mm (length*width*height).


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