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Electric Strength Tester For Insulating Oil DYA-80KV
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Electric Strength Tester For Insulating Oil DYA-80KV

  • DYA-80KV



Product Description

Item summary

When you are satisfied with our instruments, please recommend to your friends!When you have valuable advice and Suggestions to this instrument, please be sure to contact us, we will try our best to give you a satisfactory answer.Thank you again for your support to our company!

A, is described DYA series of insulating oil dielectric strength tester is my company all the scientific and technical personnel, the relevant provisions on the basis of the national standard GB507-86 and standard DL-474 4-92DL/T596-1996 and IEC156, to play their own advantages, after several field tests and long-term unremitting efforts, meticulous research and development of high ac-curacy, full digital instrument industry. In order to meet the needs of different users, the series of instruments can be divided into single cup, three cups and multi cups and other models. The instrument is easy to operate and beautiful in appearance. Due to the use of fully automatic digital computer control, the measurement accuracy is high, anti-interference ability is strong, safe and reliable.


Instrument characteristics

1. The instrument USES large capacity single-chip microcomputer control, stable and reliable in work.

2. The instrument has wide range of watchdog circuit to eliminate the phenomenon of crash;

3. The selection of operation, the instrument program with GB1986, GB2002 two methods of national standard and custom operation, able to adapt to a variety of different users to choose;

4. Instrument oil cup is made of a special glass casting forming, to eliminate the phenomenon of oil and other interference occurred;

5. Special high voltage side sampling design for test values directly into the A/D converter, to avoid the error caused in the analog circuit, make more accurate measurement results;

6. An instrument such as over current, over voltage, short circuit protection function, and with a strong anti-jamming capability, good electromagnetic compatibility.

7. A portable structure, easy to move, use both inside and outside is very convenient.


Technical indicators

1. 1.5 kVA booster capacity

2. The pressure rise rate 2.0 kV/s, 3.0 kV/s, second option

3. The output voltage of 0~80 kV

4. Power distortion rate of < 1%

5. Chinese characters display LCD display screen

6. The electrode gap standard 2.5 mm

7. Overall dimensions 410 mm long;390 mm wide;380 mm high

8. Instrument 26 kg in weight


Conditions of use

1. 0~40 °C ambient temperature

2. The relative humidity of 85% or less

3. Work power AC 220 v + / - 20%

4. Power frequency 50 Hz + 5 Hz

5. Power consumption < 200 W



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