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Transformer Winding Deformation Tester TPWD-902
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Transformer Winding Deformation Tester TPWD-902

  • TPWD-902



Product Description


1. After transformer design and manufacturing completed, its internal structure and the parameters (Ci, Li, Ri) are fixed, so frequency response of each coil also are fixed, the transformer of normal winding , its three-phase frequency response curves should be almost identical;

When the transformer occurs short circuit between turns, phase during the test, a short circuit or other failures caused coil displacement for electromagnetic pulling force in operation, collisions in transport cause coil relative displacement, these factors will cause the transformer distribution parameters changes, the frequency response also corresponding changes according to the extent of transformer deformation;.

3. Based on the above ideas and advanced measurement technology, the company designed a transformer winding deformation tester, the instrument can accurately draw the frequency response curve of each phase, by measuring and contrasting the curve of horizontal, vertical, can very accurately determine the deformation of the transformer degree.

4. The instrument complies with standard DL / T9112004 "power transformer winding deformation frequency response analysis method".
5. The use of advanced DDS scanning technology;
6. using high-speed, highly integrated microprocessor design;
7. Dual 16 AD sampling;

8. comes with 7-inch high-brightness color touch screen, adjustable brightness;
9. built-in thermal printer, you can print data at any time, print density is adjustable;
10. The maximum you can save 120 sets of measurement data, can be found at any time or upload data to a PC;
11. Powerful PC software, supports uploading data, online testing, analysis, printing, and generate WORD documents;

12. USB2.0 interface;
13. Host Size: 31cmX15cmX15cm;
14. Weight: 4.0KG.
15. Power supply: AC220V ± 10%, (50 ± 1) HZ;
16. Working environment: -10 °C ~ 50 °C Humidity <90% non-condensing.


1. Set two different scanning methods: linear scanning, segment scanning;
Linear Scanning: 0.5KHZ-1MHZ resolution 0.5KHZ2000scanning point
Segment scanning: 50HZ-100HZ resolution 2HZ25 point
100HZ-1KHZ resolution 20HZ45 point
1KHZ-10KHZ resolution 50HZ180 point
10KHZ-100KHZ resolution 0.2KHZ450 point
100KHZ-500KHZ resolution 0.5KHZ800 point
500KHZ-1000KHZ resolution 1KHZ500 point

The amplitude measurement range: (- 100dB) - (+ 20dB)
3. The amplitude measurement accuracy: 0.1dB;
4. Scan frequency accuracy: less than 0.01%;
5. Signal Input impedance: greater than 1MΩ;
6. Signal output impedance: 50Ω;
7. The same-phase test repeated rate: 99.5%



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