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Transformer Winding DC resistance tester TPY-10A
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Transformer Winding DC resistance tester TPY-10A

  • TPY-10A



Product Description


Transformer DC resistance is a necessary test item for semi-finished products, factory test, installation, overhaul, after changing tap-changer, handover test and preventive test of power sector in transformer manufacturing. It can check the welding quality of winding joint and whether winding has turn-to-turn short circuit or not. It can also check whether the contact of tap changer is good, whether the lead-out wire is broken, and whether the multiple wires are winded with broken strands. The instrument adopts a new power supply technology, which has the characteristics of small size, light weight, large output current, good repeatability, strong anti-interference ability and perfect protection function. The whole machine is controlled by a high-speed single-chip computer, with high automation, automatic discharge and discharge alarm functions, safe and reliable. The instrument has the advantages of high accuracy, simple operation and fast measurement of transformer DC resistance.

Functional characteristics

1The whole machine is controlled by a high-speed single-chip computer, which is highly automated and easy to operate.

2With the new power supply technology, there are many current shifts and wide measuring range. The test current can be automatically selected according to the load.

3Perfect protection function, more reliable performance.

4With discharge sound alarm, clear discharge indication, reduce misoperation.

5Fast response speed, stable measurement data, automatic refresh of data in the process of testing.

6Intelligent power management technology can effectively reduce the internal heat of the instrument and save energy.

7Non-power-off clock and non-power-off memory can store data permanently.

8Thermal printer, high speed, silent.

Technical Indicators

1. Output current: Automatic10A5A1A200mA40mA<5mA

2. Resolving power: 0.1μΩ

3. Range:   


1Ω~500Ω (40mA)

100mΩ~100Ω (200mA)

5mΩ~20Ω (1A)

1mΩ~4Ω (5A)

0~2Ω  (10A)

0~100KΩ (Automatic transmission)

4. Accuracy: 0.2%

5. Working temperature: -10~40°C

6. Working humidity: <80%RHNo dew



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