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TP-TEC Soil Salinity Meter
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TP-TEC Soil Salinity Meter

  • TP-TEC



Product Description

Product Introduction:

This Soil Salinity Meter is specially developed by our company, which is used to measure the salt content in the soil quickly. The sensor adopts the original imported micro-control chip, which has the advantages of fast calculation, more data storage and accurate measurement data. It uses large LCD screen to display the measurement data, real-time , local longitude and latitude, residual electricity and other information, and uses large capacity lithium Battery powered, economical and environmentally friendly.

The instrument can be widely used in meteorology, environmental protection, agriculture and forestry, hydrology, military, storage, scientific research and other fields.


Product Parameters:

1. Solid state sensor can be directly buried in the soil for testing

2. Measurement range: 0-19.99ms/cm

3. Resolution: 0.01mss/cm

4. Accuracy: ± 2%

5. Temperature compensation: 0-50 ℃

6. Test time: ≤ 2 seconds

7. Recording time: 5 minutes to 99 hours

8. Power supply: 7.4v large capacity lithium battery

9. Communication: USB

10. Storage: 30000 pieces of data

11. Longitude: 0-180 ° latitude: 0-90 °


Product Features:

1. Large screen liquid crystal displays soil salt values;

2. Large capacity data storage, internal flash can store up to 30000 pieces of monitoring data (4G card is optional for storage);

3. Universal USB communication interface is convenient for data download; it can not only view data on the host, but also transmit the data into the computer for curve view, maximum, minimum and average data analysis, and can also export excel form for backup and view;

4. After accidental power failure, the data saved in the host will not be lost;

5. AC / DC dual-use, built-in super capacity lithium battery power supply, fast charging, economic and environmental protection, convenient and fast;

6. With GPS positioning function, with automatic acquisition, real-time field display of latitude and longitude coordinates of the location and save; (optional)

7. With Chinese/English voice alarm function, it can set voice alarm for over limit values, real-time Mandarin/English voice alarm for over limit parameters, and direct broadcast of real-time environmental parameter values; (optional)

8.All sensor probes have the same function. The interface of different soil meteorological sensors can be interchanged. The host can access different sensors through the hub, simultaneous interpreting the accuracy of the measurement. The host can access 32 sensors at the same time, and the communication cable of the sensor can reach 100 meters.



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