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Soil Moisture Meter TP-TS
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Soil Moisture Meter TP-TS

  • TP-TS



Product Description

Soil moisture is an important part of the soil and plays a very important role in crop growth and water-saving irrigation. Through the GPS positioning system to grasp the distribution of soil water content, it provides a scientific basis for differentiated water-saving irrigation. At the same time, accurate water supply is also conducive to improving crop yield and quality. TP-TS soil moisture temperature meter is a high-performance, digital moisture measurement instrument introduced by our company by introducing advanced foreign technology. The meter uses digital display to measure the moisture of various soil materials. The meter has a wide range of moisture measurement, high accuracy, clear display, rapid measurement, stable performance, reliable indicators, small size and light weight, and can be carried on the scene to carry out rapid detection, which is simple and convenient to use. It is an ideal instrument for testing soil temperature and moisture.


1.Testing range:0--100%
3.100% error:≤3%
4.Testing time:≤2 second
5.Recording time:5 minutes --- 99 hours
6.Power supply:7.4V Large-capacity lithium battery
8.Storage:30,000 pieces of data

1.Small and beautiful and easy to carry, touch button, large screen dot matrix LCD display, full Chinese/English menu operation.

2. Large-capacity data storage, the internal flash can store up to 30,000 pieces of monitoring data (optional 4G card for storage);

3. Universal USB communication interface for easy data downloading; you can view the data on the host computer or dump the data into the computer to analyze the graphs, the maximum, minimum, and average values of the data, and you can export the EXCEL form for backup viewing ;

4. The data saved on the host computer will not be lost after accidental power failure;

5, AC and DC dual-use, built-in large-capacity lithium battery power supply, fast charging, economic and environmental protection, convenient and fast;

6. With GPS positioning function, with automatic collection, real-time display of the latitude and longitude coordinates of the place and save; (optional)

7. With Chinese voice alarm function, you can set voice alarms for over-limits, real-time Mandarin voice alarms for over-standard parameters, and directly broadcast real-time environmental parameter values; (optional)

8. All sensor probes have the same function. The interfaces of different soil weather sensors can be interchanged. The host can access different sensors through a hub without affecting the accuracy of each other. The host can connect 32 sensors at the same time. Meter.



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