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Series CYS Disc type centrifugal separator
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Series CYS Disc type centrifugal separator


Model :

Product Description

In this machine, oil, water and impurities in the lubricating oil of different pollution degree are rapidly separated from each other by different centrifugal forces. This machine is suitable for purification treatment of lubricating oil for large mechanical equipment and heavy diesel fuel in power plants, ships etc. When the machine is used for processing turbine oil in power plants, bypass is connected on the main oil tank of a turbine so that moisture and impurities in the oil can be filtered timely. After the processing, the content of moisture can be less than 100 PPM and the content of impurities can meet NAS1638 6, which is in accordance with national standard GB7596 and GB/T14541-93 Guide For Maintenance And Management Of Mineral Oil Used For Steam Turbine In Power Plant Operation. This improves the operating oil quality and slows down the aging of oil to ensure the safe operation of steam turbine.

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Technical Parameter

Model Treatment capacity (L/h) Drum diameter (mm) Drum rotation speed
Motor power (Kw) Slagging method Separation factor Weight (kg) Overall
CYS-1 1500 230 6930 2.2 Manual 6170 245 850x625x985
CYS-2 2000 270 7200 4 Automatic 6950 550 865x645x1100
CYS-3 3000 315 6500 5.5 Automatic 7000 650 900x600x1150
CYS-4 4000 385 6500 7.5 Automatic 7500 750 1100x1050x1250
CYS-5 5000 430 6000 11 Automatic 8050 900 1200x950x1400
CYS-10 10000 500 5500 18.5 Automatic 8000 1200 1250x1000x1550


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