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CTS Series Three Column Top Discharge Centrifuge
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CTS Series Three Column Top Discharge Centrifuge



Product Description

Main features:
1. reasonable structural design, effectively eliminates the hygienic dead angle, transition of components is smooth, the surface is polished, external structure members, fastening members and drum are all made of stainless steel. The shell is a clam-shell, which can thoroughly clean the shell of the centrifuge and the space in the drum.
2. the shell is a clam-shell having a feeding pipe, a washing pipe, an observation mirror and a lighting hole arranged thereon.
3. an online cleaning system is arranged to clean inner walls of the shell, inner surface and outer surface of the drum and the surface of the liquid-collecting tank and other invisible parts in the internal of the centrifuge, to ensure the cleanliness requirements in line with the GMP standard.
4. simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance.
5. strong generality, wide application range. It can be used for separating granular suspension in a solid phase, and can also be used for separating fibrous materials.
6. can be started by frequency converter stably, and the separation factor is adjustable; non-contact type power consumption braking system; anti-static belt transmission; and body sealing structure; the sealing member are made of silicone rubber or fluorine rubber, which can achieve airtight explosion-proof requirements and are suitable for toxic and flammable, explosive occasions.
7. allocation of nitrogen protection system ensures the inner cavity of the centrifuge separated from the air outside.
8. grain is not easy to break.
The above configurations are used for chemistry and pharmaceutical, can be regarded as specific requirement optional, thus to meet the economic requirements.
Standard configuration:
1 Structure: the shell is a clam-shell having a feeding pipe, a washing pipe, an observation mirror, an exhaust hole and a lighting hole; and the sealing structure, drum and the shell, clam-shell and other parts are made of stainless steel. The machine base such is a casting part with the surface painted.
2 Driving and braking: general motors (or explosion-proof motors) + friction type automatic clutch + friction type manual braking device.
Optional configuration:
1.Online cleaning system.
2.Nitrogen protection system.
3.The material of external structure part (such as base) is stainless steel.
4.Adopt corresponding stainless steel material (SUS304, 316, 316L and 321) or titanium material (TA) according to user’s corrosion requirements on separation of the materials. Surface contacted with the materials is lined with rubber, PE, and halar.
5. No basic form (no base chassis and a damping pad).
6. Transmission and braking: explosion-proof motor (or general motors) + frequency converter + power consumption braking.

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Technical Parameter

Model Drum Separation factor
Motor power kw Weight   kg Overall
Diameter mm Working volume
Loading limitation
Rotate speed
CTS200 200 3 2 3000 1200 055 25 500×300×350
CTS300 300 5 10 1600 1000 075 130 600×600×500
CTS450 450 20 25 1900 990 15 200 980×720×625
CTS600 600 45 80 1500 755 30 600 1350×990×750
CTS800 800 98 135 1200 640 55 1300 1740×1380×1000
CTS1000 1000 140 195 1000 560 75 1500 1950×1560×1050
CTS1200 1200 230 300 800 430 11 1800 2370×1600×1000
CTS1250 1250 270 350 800 445 15 2700 1765×1700×1350
CTS1500 1500 360 400 650 354 15 3200 2640×1850×1100


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