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Kjeldahl Digestion System TP-430F
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Kjeldahl Digestion System TP-430F

  • TP-430F

Product Description

TOP TP430F Graphite Digester adopts globally advancedhigh-temperature infrared radiation heating technology and microprocessor control platform,accurate temperature control and quick temperature

rise. It has two kinds of temperature rise mode: linear and curve temperature rise mode, and offers 20 digestion programs for control of temperature rise curves.


Neutralization system is including ternary filtration functions, condensation, neutralization and filtration. The product adopts high-quality anticorrosive Pumps, low noise, strong suction, reduce exhaust emissions, eco-friendly.



20positions enhance working efficiency rapidly.

Graphite block have longer life after special anti-oxidation processing and heating more uniform.

Corrosion-resistant design.

It adopts advanced PID temperature control technology,high accuracy heating up to 400°C only 25minutes.

Multi-protection, Over-current protection, high temperature warning, overload protection.

It adopts 5.7" color screen, easy for use.

Standard configuration with waste gas collection hood WD03.

Temperature control model, program control, curve and linear temperature rise.


TP402 Exhausting System

Mould design, compact appearance.

Absorption device area is translucence design, easy for inspection and changing.

Suction pressure is adjustable when become negative, to avoid acid gas spilling oremptying.

Anticorrosion vacuum pump, low noise, large suction, reduce wasted gas exhausting and environmental friendly.

Ternary filtration system (water condensation, alkali neutralization and active carbon filtration) ensure perfect neutralization and absorption performance. PTFE anticorrosion pipe design, improve using life.


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