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ASTM D2158 LPG Residue Tester TP-7509
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ASTM D2158 LPG Residue Tester TP-7509

  • TP-7509



Product Description


This instrument is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements in Standard SY/T7509 "Liquefied Petroleum Gas Residues Determination Method" (similar to ASTM D2158), and is applied for the determination of the residues of LPG after volatilization at 38°C.


Main technical indicators

1. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz.

2. Heating power: 400W for cold bath, 400W for water bath

3. Centrifuge tube capacity: 100ml.

4. Temperature controller:

⑴ Water bath temperature control range: room temperature~100°C±0.5°C.

⑵ Temperature control range of cold bath: room temperature~ -65°C±0.5°C

⑶ Temperature sensor: Industrial platinum resistance, its index number is Pt100.

Overall power: <2000W


Instrument structure

This instrument has an integrated floor-standing structure with water bath and cold bath, and the bottom is equipped with four casters for easy transportation. It also consists of a cooler, a temperature controller, an electric stirring device, an electric heating device, and its holder.

1. Electric heating device

The electric heater is made of sealed stainless steel tube, which provides sufficient heat source for the constant temperature bath.

2. Electric mixing device

It adopts oil-free, super static and powerful deep water pump. The output power is 15W, ensuring uniform temperature everywhere in the constant temperature bath.

3. Temperature controller

The signal of the sensor (graduation number is Pt100) is sent to the temperature controller, and automatically controls the heating power of the electric heater to the constant temperature bath medium, and displays the temperature in the bath at the same time.

4. Bath

The bath is made of stainless steel and can store constant temperature bath liquid. In the cold bath, a copper tube with a length of 6m and a diameter of 6mm is wound into a cooling coil with an outer diameter of 63.5mm±1.5mm. A sampling pipeline and valve are installed at the upper end for sampling. A special clamp is installed in the water bath to clamp the centrifuge tube.

5. Centrifuge tube

100ml, the wall thickness is not less than 1.5mm, the lower end of the tube has a uniform taper, and the bottom is made of round heat-resistant glass and is annealed.



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