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ZKCC Vacuum Pumping System
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ZKCC Vacuum Pumping System


Model :

Product Description

ZKCC series vacuum pumping device is a new type of vacuuming equipment developed and produced by our company. It is widely used in the process of producing vacuum condition for various equipment. Its vacuum pressure can reach much lower than any other products in the same field.

It is widely used in the vacuuming process in the production, installation and maintenance of many electric power equipment, like electric power transformer, capacitor etc. It is also used in the technical process of industrial production, such as vacuum drying, vacuum distillation, vacuum wielding, vacuum coating etc.
It is not suitable for the vacuum process for air and gases containing too much powder, water and oxygen as well as explosive, corrosive, poisonous and chemical substances.

1. The machine adopts special Roots pump and vacuum pump, so the vacuum pumping speed and pressure are obviously better than any other devices.
2. Working vacuum range and maximum vacuum degree are superior to other products.
3.  It is installed with special vacuum gauge for accurate indication.
4.   It adopts automatic vacuum relay for automatic control.
5.   Stable and reliable operation, low noise, and easy to move. 

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Technical Parameter

Model ZKCC-30 ZKCC-70 ZKCC-150 ZKCC-300 ZKCC-600 ZKCC-1200
Gas Pumping Speed (L/s) 30 70 150 300 600 1200
Vacuum Limit (Mpa) 5 5 3 3 2 2
Working Vacuum (Mpa) 130 125 110 105 100 80
Total Electric Power (kw) 1.65 2.6 5.2 9.5 10.7 20.5
Main Pump Type ZL-30 ZL-70 ZL-150 ZL-300 ZL-600 ZL-1200
Front Stage Pump Type 2X-8 2X-15 2X-30 2X-70 KT-300 KT-500
Wire size of power supply input (mm2) 1 1.5 3 4 6 8
Power Supply 50Hz 380V (3phase, 4wire)
Gas Inlet Caliber (mm) DN50 DN80 DN100 DN160 DN200 DN250
Gas Outlet Caliber (mm) DN34 DN60 DN70 DN90 DN70 DN90
Overall Dimensions (cm) 73×46×100 79×55×120 105×60×135 132×78×150 145×86×201 168×100×269


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