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What factors lead to oil degradation?
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What factors lead to oil degradation?

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In the mechanical system, lubricating oil is the key to ensure the system working performance, the degradation of lubricating oil is due to the factors like the pressure, temperature, splashing, flowing and stirring that cause the oil react to oxygen in the air. Also mix with different types of oil, water metal particles, acid, alkali, gelatin or dust, the characters of oil can be changed. The water, particles, gas in the insulating oil low the oil’s dielectric strength value while increase the oil’s acid value, so it breaks oil performance and degrade oil safety. 

Particles in the Oil
There are particles in oils, the size and type of which is directly related to the harm it causes to the system.
1.Increasing abrasion
2.Increasing oxidation speed
3.Jamming oil path
4.Forming carbon deposit
5.Reducing lubricating ability of the oil
6.Reducing insulating ability
7.Causing fine precision parts stuck 
Water Contained in the Oil
Dissolved water: This type of water is dissolved in the oil in micro forms. There is a limit as to how much waster can exist in the oil, which is called saturation degree (compared with temperature 100%). Under normal temperature, the saturation degree varies according to the change of the temperature. Dissolved water enters the oil form the air. If the oil is exposed to the air, the inhale/exhale activity of the oil will get water dissolved in the oil while some already dissolved will be released into the air until a balance is reached. 
Free waster: 
The free water usually comes from outside. If the dissolved water exceeds saturation degree, the free water will come to be. Free water usually exists as drops among the oil or settles at the bottom of the container. 
Emulsified water: 
Because of the degradation of the oil or the polar material in the oil, the surface tension of water and oil is changed so that they come together, forming an emulsified state. 
Water is the most common pollutant in the oil. It interrupts the system’s work in following ways:
1.Increasing acid number to erode metals
2.Decreasing the thickness of the oil film
3.Degrading the oil and setting the additives
4.Increase the surface weariness of the metal
5.Forming ice crystal under low temperature
6.Altering the inherent viscosity
7.Emulsifying the oil 
Gas in the oilThere is dissolved gas in the oil, the problems caused by the gas are as follows:
1.Causing foams
2.Increasing aerification
3.Slow system reaction and irregular performance
4.Increasing the oil temperature
5.Reducing the stiffness of the system
6.Total system pressure change
7.Damaging the system parts because of cavitation erosion 
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