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Turbine Oil Purifier, The Solution for Oil Sludging
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Turbine Oil Purifier, The Solution for Oil Sludging

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Turbine Oil Purifier, The Solution for Oil Sludging

The amount of water in turbine oil is crucial to the efficiency and life of turbine system. too much amounts of water in the turbine oil can cause untimely failure of the turbine unit.Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to remove water for the turbine system constantly. This practice not only protect your turbine system, it also help you save a handsome amount of money for changing new oil, because purified oil can be used again and again.

It is quite common for sludge and varnish to accumulate in the turbine system, because turbine oil is usually working under high heat and exposed to water contamination.

The formation of sludge and varnish is due to the oxidation of oil. If the oil contains high water contents and particulate contaminants, it will accelerate the formation of sludge and varnish.

So, the solution is to keep oil clean and dry, and our oil purification system is designed and made to do the job. It continuously removes water and particles from oil, preventing the sludge formation in the first place.

our Turbine Oil Purification System uses both Precision Filtration and Vacuum dehydration to remove water, gas and particles from turbine oil, ensuring your turbine system will work in a good condition.

Product line:

TY high vacuum turbine oil purifier series

TY-R high vacuum turbine oil regeneration purification plant series

TY-M mobile high vacuum turbine oil reconditioner


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