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The Environmental Impact of Waste Lube Oil Purification Machine
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The Environmental Impact of Waste Lube Oil Purification Machine

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With economic development, the demand for lubricants is also increasing. Every year used or waste lube oil is also growing. These waste oils, when discarded into the environment, it will cause serious environmental pollution. Vigorously carry out purification of renewable resources can improve the efficiency of resource use and protecting the environment. It is also one of the important ways of building a resource-saving society. Recycling waste lube oil can not only develop a purification economy, but also reduce environmental pollution, which benefit both people and nation. It is not only conducive to the survival of the enterprise, as well as conducive to the sustainable development of the local economy, and more conducive to promoting the balanced development of the ecological environment and economic development.

Pollutants generated in lube oil purification process are cooling water in contact with the oil by production equipment used in the production process, condensate water, tank of the oil storage and transportation systems cut water and laboratory oily waste water, wastewater by clay-filled vacuum distillation unit, oily waste water from early-day-rainfall, sewage, conducting oil furnace combustion gas, noncondensables, mechanical impurities from filtration pretreatment of raw materials, garbage and waste clay slag, sewage from treatment station and devices running noise.

So Environmental management measures should be taken in the lube oil purification process: oily wastewater emissions, sewage and rainwater, etc. discharged into the factory sewage station should reach up to an emissions standard; waste gas from flash burn with natural gas to discharge by standards; sludge, oily sludge, raw material pretreatment impurities, clay slag and other hazardous waste should sent to sanitation department for properly handle. Equipment should install mufflers, shock absorbers and other environmental protection measures to reduce noise.


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