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Series ZYB-W fully enclosed insulating oil regeneration system
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Series ZYB-W fully enclosed insulating oil regeneration system



Product Description

Series ZYB-W is fully enclosed type transformer oil purifier, equipped with weather proof, dust and water resistant enclosure. This machine is mainly used for regenerating the electrical insulating oil such as transformer oil, switch oil and mutual inductor oil, especially suitable for the regeneration of seriously deteriorated insulating oil.

1.ZYB-W Series is weather proof, dust and water resistant type machine, small and hi-efficient. It moves easily and can be used both indoor and outdoor.
2.Besides the common vacuum oil purifier’s function of dewatering, degassing and eliminating impurities, this machine can regenerate the seriously deteriorated oil by removing the polarity materials such as the deep oxides, free carbon in the oil effectively. It can recover the seriously deteriorated oil to comprehensive index of anti-alkali and water-solubility etc.
3.Three ways of service: use only vacuum dewatering, degassing, removing impurities system; use only the regeneration system independently; and also can use both at the same time.
4. Programmable Logic Controller (P.L.C)
5. Adopting the automatic infrared liquid level control system, automatic constant temperature control system, automatic bubble elimination control system, automatic pressure protection system, automatic interlock protection system and efficient degassing and water removal system to ensure the equipment working safely with high performance.
6. With novel design, compact structure, easy operation and online oil purification. It can work with nobody watching and be used under any environment.
7. Capable of testing the voltage withstanding condition and printing the results with oil BDV tester model IIJ-II-80(80kV) / IIJ-II-100(100kV) (optional)
8. Online moisture meter TPEE (optional)
9. Online flow meter (optional)

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Technical parameter

Parameter Unit ZYB-W-20 ZYB-W -30 ZYB-W -50 ZYB-W -100 ZYB-W -150 ZYB-W -200
Flow rate L/min 20 30 50 100 150 200
Vacuum degree Mpa –0.06~–0.095
Vacuum pressure Mpa ≤ 0.3
Temperature range 1080
Normal working hour H  4000
Continuous working hour H 150
working noise dB(A) ≤60 ≤70 ≤72 ≤75 ≤80 ≤80
Heating power kW 18 24 30 45 60 72
Total power kW 22 28 35 50 68 80
inlet(outlet) caliber mm Ø25 Ø25 Ø32 Ø42 Ø50 Ø50
Weight kg 400 450 600 800 850 900
Size L mm 1500 1600 1600 1600 1600 1700
W mm 900 900 900 950 950 1000
H mm 1550 1650 1700 1700 1800 1900
Index after filtering Breakdown voltage kV ≥70
Moisture content PPM 5
Gas content % 0.1
Impurity size μm 1(customizable)
 Value β % 96
Acid value mgKOH/g ≤0.03
Dielectric loss factor. tgδ(90℃) ≤0.001

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