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Series VFD-II horizontal paper plate precision filtering machine/stainless steel filtering machine filter
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Series VFD-II horizontal paper plate precision filtering machine/stainless steel filtering machine filter


Model :

Product Description

Series VFD-II horizontal paper plate precision filtering machine is a kind solid-liquid separation equipment of high efficiency, energy saving, precision, clear filtration with closed operation. It is widely used in chemistry, petroleum, food, oil, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Properties of applicable object: material having requirements on weak corrosion and high hygiene.
Application scope
Beverage: beer, fruit juice, wine, milk, etc..
Food: oil, dewaxing, degreasing, bleaching, vinegar, sweet syrup, etc..
Medicine: hydrogen peroxide, vitamins, etc..
Other: purification of air, water, etc.
The filtering machine works in a closed cylinder body and is composed of a plurality of filter plates arranged horizontally with filter paper clipped in the middle thereof. It filters in a pressure way in a closed container relying on filter paper as filter medium. During the filtration, the liquid to be filtered is input into the filter body by a delivery pump and enters between two layers of filter plates along a hole on the outer circumference of the filter plate. The liquid to be filtered flows into the center channel of the filter plate passing through the filter paper and supporting plates with holes, and then flows out from the output on the bottom of the filter body. After filtration, the remaining liquid in the filter machine by the compressed air.

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Technical Parameter

Model Diameter of cylinder body Working pressure (Mpa) Working temperature () Filtering area Diameter of inlet & outlet
VFD-II-1.5 400 ≤0.3 ≤150 1.5 Dg40 2 670×975
VFD-II-3 600

3 Dg40 4 970×1285
VFD-II-5 800

5 Dg40 7 1100×1800
VFD-II-7 800

7 Dg40 10 1100×1935
VFD-II-10 900

10 Dg65 13 1300×2000
VFD-II-12 900

12 Dg65 15 1300×2160



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