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Series PL Portable Plate Pressure Oil Filter Machine
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Series PL Portable Plate Pressure Oil Filter Machine


Model :

Product Description

PL series plate pressure oil purifier is specially designed for various power station, power plant, industrial and mining enterprises, lube oil storeroom, tractor station, petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, national defense department etc. It is mainly used to filter water and impurities out of transformer oil, turbine oil, engine oil, diesel, kerosene, aviation hydraulic oil etc. It can also filter edible oil with stainless steel material. The machine is made up of filter bed, oil pump, rough filter etc. There are filter media such as filtering paper or filtering cloth installed between the filter plate and filter frame that will be fixed to form a single filtering room under the pressure from the pinch device. The filtering paper or filtering cloth function for filtering. It’s characterized by simple structure, easy operation, low operation cost etc.

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Technical Parameter

Model PL-30 PL -50 PL -100 PL -125 PL -150 PL -200 PL -300
Flow rate L/min 30 50 100 125 150 200 300
Working pressure Mpa 0-0.5
Filtering area ≥m2 0.3 0.39 1.3 1.54 1.89 2.01 3.1
Pressurized Manual
Filter room number 11 13 10 12 14 18 23
Filter plate number 12 14 11 13 15 19 24
Oil pump Flow rate L/min >30 >50 >100 >125 >150 >200 >300
Pressure Mpa 0.6
Power supply 380v   3Ph  50hz
Motor Power KW 1.1 3 4 5.5
Revolution r/min 1400
Filter accuracy ≥1µ
Filter paper size mm 185*190 285*290
Pipe diameter Inlet mm 32 32 44 44 50 50 65
Outlet mm 25 25 32 32 44 44 50
Volume L mm 700 750 900 1100 1300
W mm 300 440
H mm 720 840 1000
Weight Kg 76 86 130 180 210 230 280

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