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RP-K6 Halogen Moisture Analyzer
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RP-K6 Halogen Moisture Analyzer

  • RP-K6



Product Description

Main features:

1.no need installation, debugging, it can be used after opening the packing.

2.no need training, simple operation, eliminating the tedious use of steps;

3.short measurement time, high work efficiency;

4.uniform heating, stable performance, accurate test;

5.small size, light weight;

6.automatic measurement, measurement alarm reminder completion, the measurement process without care;

7.widely used for the determination of moisture in various industries;

8.Germany imported sensors make the instrument test effect more outstanding and accurate;

9.The unique windshield design makes the instrument weighing system more stable;

10.The water content and solid content of the sample can be converted at the same time;

11.the heating chamber uses pure stainless steel chamber cover, high temperature, easy to clean.

12.standard RS-232 interface to achieve two-way communication, you can connect the printer.


Working principle:

The traditional moisture measurement is generally using the oven drying method. It takes two or three or four hours for a sample to be tested. It is also necessary to calculate the moisture content of the sample by weighing and manually calculating the balance. The inefficiency of the moisture measurement by the oven method cannot be adapted to the high-paced business production needs.

RP-K Series Moisture Analyzer is a newly developed high-efficiency moisture measuring instrument. It adopts a high-efficiency drying heater-high quality circular halogen lamp to rapidly and evenly heat the sample. The moisture of the sample is continuous. It is dried. Throughout the measurement process, the instrument automatically displays the measurement results in real time: sample weight, moisture content, solid content, measurement time, and heating temperature.

RP-K series moisture analyzer applies the principle of international oven drying method. The measurement results are in good agreement with the moisture determination by the oven method, and the working efficiency is much higher than that of the oven method. Using the RP-K Series Moisture Analyzer, the general sample can be measured in just a few minutes, so it is well received and appreciated by users.


Operation steps:

RP-K Series Moisture Analyzer is a high-tech moisture measurement instrument. The measurement data is very accurate. It is extremely simple to use and requires no special training. The steps are as follows:

First, place the sample that needs to be tested into the sample pan evenly, then cover with a heating mantle, and finally press the "Start" button. The rest of the work is done automatically by the instrument. After the measurement is completed, the instrument will automatically alarm and the measurement result will be locked on the LCD screen.


Application scope:

RP-K series moisture analyzer is applied to all industries that need to measure moisture quickly, as long as it is granular, powdery, flake-like, non-volatile liquid can be measured, such as: food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic materials, rubber, Tobacco, tea, textiles, meat, food, starch, feed, coal, sand, sewage sludge, dairy, etc. RP-K series moisture analyzer is the best choice for the production process and laboratory moisture measuring instruments.

Technical parameters:

Water content determination range: 0.01%-100%

Solid content determination range: 100%-0.01%

Maximum weighing: 110g

Weighing accuracy: 0.005g

Water content readability: 0.01%

Heating source: 400W halogen lamp, service life 5000 hours

Heating temperature: 40-200°C

Display content: moisture content, solid content, time, temperature, weight

Measurement method: standard, automatic, timed, manual

Display mode: with backlight LCD display

Load cell: imported from Germany to ensure measurement accuracy

Temperature Sensor: High Precision PT100 Platinum Thermal Resistance

Power supply: voltage 220v±10% 50HZ±1HZ

Weighing plate size: diameter 90mm

Working environment temperature: 5°C-35°C best

Dimensions: 380mm×200mm×180mm

Net weight: 5.8kg


After-sales service: one year warranty and lifetime maintenance.


RP-K6 New Halogen Moisture Analyzer Accessories:

1 Instrument Host: 1piece

2 power cord: 1piece

3100g calibration weight: 1piece

4 aluminum sample trays: 40pcs

5 sample tray bracket: 1piece

6 sample tray handle: 1piece

7 Windshield: 1piece


RP-K6 New Halogen Moisture Analyzer Package Contents:

1 product specification 1 copy

2 product inspection certificate 1 copy

3 warranty card 1 copy


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