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Precise on-site Quantification of Siloxanes in Biogas, Landfill and Digester Gas GC-IMS-SILOX
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Precise on-site Quantification of Siloxanes in Biogas, Landfill and Digester Gas GC-IMS-SILOX



Product Description

The GC-IMS-SILOX is a stand-alone device that has been developed for user-friendly and reliable one-site measurements of siloxanes in biogas, landfill or sewage gas. The device has a straight- forward single-click menu and can alternatively be run as online monitoring system testing the gas automatically in user defined intervals. Results of siloxanes, silica (SiO2) same as silicon (‘Total Si’) are stored on its flash memory and shown on the 6.4"

touchscreen or the ‘Total Si’ value is transfered via 4 – 20 mA or MODBUS (TCP).

To run the system it only takes power and nitrogen

(cylinder or N2-generator). Flexible sampling is as- sured by an integrated pump and a six-port valve to either test from gas sample-bags or as preferred directly from the gas pipe via a by-pass. Condensa-

tion water can be trapped by the use of an optional (GENIE-) filter.


Technical Specification

Separation I: Retention time
Gas chromatograph (GC): Isotherm (< 80 °C)
Capillary Column: 30 m

Separation II: Drift time
Ion Mobility Spectrometer (TOF-IMS)
Ionisation: ß-radiation - 3H
Activity: 300 MBq, below the exemption limit of 1 GBq acc. to EURATOM guideline

Detection: Electrometer Ion Mobility Spectrometer
LoD for siloxanes: one digit ppb
Typical range for siloxanes: 0.03 – 5.0 mg/m3

Pneumatics: 2 Electronic Pressure Controler (EPC) for flow stability and GC ramping

Sampling: Ambient pressure
Firmware controled pump plus heated electrical 6-port-valve
Liquid trap (condensation water) optional

Requirement purge gas:
Nitrogen: Quality 5.0 (cylinder or generator)

Operation: Manual: Touch-screen 6.4 " TFT Remote test on-line: User defined intervals

Data Storage (internal): Flash memory 16 GB
Data output: USB, 4 – 20mA, MODBUS (TCP)

Temperature: Operation 0 – 40 °C
Moisture: up to 95 % non condensating

Power range: 100 – 240 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz

Power consumption: < 200 Watt

Dimensions: 449x 435 x 177 mm (W x D x H)

Weight: 15.5 kg

Housing: 19", IP 20 enclosure, CE Marking


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