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Portable Waveform Recorder RCD-602
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Portable Waveform Recorder RCD-602

  • RCD-602



Product Description

Product Description:    

The waveform recorder is a transient signal recording instrument developed for power system applications. The internal software of the instrument presets a test template for generator debugging, so that users can easily complete the three-phase short-circuit characteristic curve of the generator through the recorder. Load characteristic curve, load rejection test, self-aligning synchronization check test, excitation system disturbance test, excitation system frequency voltage characteristic test, excitation system de-excitation time constant measurement, generator phase advance test, generator rotor AC impedance test, power analysis Test, excitation system PSS test, motor start-up test, transformer impulse test, power system fault finding and other process records.

The instrument has a wealth of software components that allow users to perform graphical analysis, combined calculations, effective value calculations, AC power calculations, three-phase symmetry analysis, spectrum analysis, harmonic analysis, curve correlation analysis, graphical editing and phase analysis through software components. Operations such as volumetric drawing. Test data and analysis results can generate test reports in WORD/EXCEL format, or export JPG images through software to facilitate users to conduct in-depth analysis and processing of test results.

The instrument has 12 channels of analog input, 12 channels of active switch input and 3 channels of output signal. The maximum sampling frequency can reach 100KHZ, which can basically meet the transient signal recording requirements of various tests of the power system. And all the analog channels are isolated from each other to avoid the connection problem of different potential points in the test causing the system under test to malfunction.


Technical Index:

1. 12 channels of low voltage/current analog acquisition, voltage input range -10V~10V, -200V~200V, -400V~400V, current input range -20mA~20mA, 1 channel analog input channel -100mV~100mV (100mv The maximum allowable input voltage of the channel <10V)

2. Voltage channel input range, voltage or current signal type selection, select through software

3. Signal acquisition error:

400V~400V error <0.5V

200V~200V error<0.2V

10V~10V error <0.01V

20mA20mA error <0.02mA

100mV~100mV error <0.2mV

4. Indirect calculation data error:

Frequency measurement 30-170Hz error <0.1Hz

Active power, reactive power measurement: 0.5%RDG+0.05%FS

Direct measurement of generator power angle error <3 degrees

Indirect method to measure generator power angle error <8 degrees

5. 12 active node switching measurement channels, switching signal range DC12-220V

6. 3 switching output channels, the maximum breaking capacity of the output is AC220V/1A

7. Split chassis structure, operation terminal makes it more convenient for users to control test and analyze data

8. 2 USB ports for data download or keyboard/mouse input

9. 12.1-inch large color screen display, touch screen mode to achieve human-computer interaction

10. The instrument comes with 8G data storage space

11. Sampling channel input impedance

10V~10V voltage range input impedance 820k ohm

200V~200V voltage range input impedance 820K ohms

400V~400V voltage range input impedance 820K ohms

  20mA~20mA current gear input impedance 50 ohm

100mV~100mV voltage range input impedance>10M


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