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Portable Grain Analyzer ZX-55
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Portable Grain Analyzer ZX-55

  • ZX-55



Product Description


This high precision portable grain/food analyzer can be used to analyze water content, protein, oil content, sugar, starch or other organic content in grain or food. It can analyze grain anywhere and anytime, and can distinguish the source of grain in warehouse. It is specially designed for rugged environment and can be easily applied in the field. It adopts NIR spectrum analysis units, available for application on site and gets data equal to lab precision within several seconds. This analyzer can be widely applied in enterprises of farms, grain purchasing, feed processing, seed companies etc and related research institutes.



1. Adopts the principle of near-infrared spectroscopy. Can carry out component analysis of various grains.

2. Can measure 100g sample (sample doesnt need pretreatment, do not damage the sample).

3. Measuring range: 1.0-95.0% (for each component)

4. Complete the test and display the results on the LCD screen within 60 seconds. Can also be connected with an external printer to print the results.

5. No need of special maintenance.

6. Weighing only 1.5 kg, can operate on site.

7. Special aluminum suitcase for easy carrying.

8. With six 1.5V alkaline batteries or AC / DC converter.

9. Temperature range: Device 5 ° to 45 ° C; Sample: -20 ° C to 45 ° C

10. Database: already contains the standard wheat, oat database, with calibration software, can build your own targeted database.

11. Can contain ten groups of databases.

12. Databases of rice, soybean, barley, sorghum, pasture, rapeseed, flaxseed, mustard and other cereal are available. User can choose to install according to the need.

13. Data can be transferred to the PC via the built-in RS-232 port for further analysis, calibration and database setup.

14. The latest Windows interface correction software. Operation is more convenient.



Spectral range: 12 filters, wavelength range: 893-1045nm (standard)

Scanning speed: Up to 10 scans per second

Optical path: 0-6AU

Resolution: 0.0001 AU

Stability: 0.05 mili-AU

Measurement time: variable (generally less than 1 minute)

Measurement data: log1 / T; 12 kinds of main wavelengths



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